Keeping up with service documents used to involve stacks of filing cabinets – and sometimes fishing crumpled pieces of paper out of a cab. Robust fleet management solutions have improved that process tremendously. The Decisiv SRM Platform makes it even easier to have all your crucial documentation in one place, because you can load attachments right to the case or asset record.

Loading an attachment to the platform is as easy as loading one to an email… and could make all the difference when you need to refer to an asset’s history.

What Types of Attachments Can You Upload?

You can upload pictures, documents, pdfs, videos, and other files, including:

  • Pictures of the asset or broken parts for legal and documentation purposes
  • Final invoices
  • Inspection forms
  • DOT and other compliance records
  • Four corners photos
  • Walkaround inspection videos (Decisiv Marketplace partners TruVideo and Quik. are solutions that help make those easy)

Where Should You Upload It?

You can upload attachments into a specific case or into the main asset record. See the following descriptions for recommendations on when to use one or the other.

Case Attachments are a good choice for documents around a specific service event, including:

  • Case communication
  • Estimate details
  • Status and time changes
  • Invoices

Case Attachments are an easy way to compile everything related to a service event in the same place for safekeeping. You get more than the convenience of digital storage. You’ll have your communications with the provider, the OEM representatives, and the supporting documents all together, so you can see all the key data on a service event at once. So, for instance, if you need to check later why warranty coverage was granted or denied, you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Asset Attachments are a good choice for longer-term document storage, including:

  • Lease contracts
  • DOT compliance
  • Change of ownership documents
  • Any documents essential to an asset’s history

By keeping these important documents together and visible in the asset record, you’ll be able to easily find them later for record keeping, litigation, or proof of DOT compliance. Organizing documents this way is convenient every day—and crucial when you need a complete asset record (such as after an accident).

Some attachments, like inspection forms, might belong in both the specific case and in the asset record. The inspection forms provide a valuable record of service recommendations—including whether a component should be replaced or if it should be monitored for future replacement.

Who Can See the Attachment?

All attachments in the platform can be made private/internal so only people from your organization can view them. The organization that loads the attachment controls whether that specific attachment is private. (So, if a fleet loads a document, that document could be private to the fleet; if a service provider loads a document, they control its privacy setting.)

Important note: Attachments can only be deleted by users with manager permissions and above. If an attachment is loaded in error, whoever loaded it can make the attachment private until a manager deletes it.

Should I Have my Service Provider Load the Attachments?

In your profile notes to your service provider, you can request that they upload all documentation into the case instead of emailing it to you or communicating another way. You’ll have an organized history of the service event without even having to file the documents yourself. And you can choose which documents you want to also load into the asset record.

How Do You Attach a File?

To attach a file, simply select a file and click “upload.” If you want to keep an attachment private (not visible outside your organization), then also click the “Internal” box.

For more information about this easy way to stay organized, contact the Decisiv Support Team and put “attachments” in the subject line:

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