How does Decisiv SRM connect people, places, systems, and things?

Core Services Platform

The Decisiv Core Services Platform is a domain-specific software platform built on a flexible Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. It connects people, places, systems, and things within the Decisiv SRM Cloud, enabling applications that unify the management of service events at asset owner shops, service provider locations, and via mobile service. Such applications drive asset uptime, consistent service delivery, customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, reduce warranty and support costs, cut down on administrative overhead, and even improve service data quality and availability.

Core Services & APIs

Core Services provide the SRM domain-specific capabilities needed by the rest of the SRM Ecosystem through APIs that connect Decisiv applications, third-party applications, telematics, IIoT, and connected systems.

Decisiv enables these connections through several APIs that expose key case, provider, asset, and service provider data. The APIs are RESTful web services that will continue to expand and evolve to reflect the growing needs of our users. Current documentation can be found here.

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The Decisiv Key Design System

The Decisiv Key Design System enables customers and partners to quickly and efficiently create complimentary SRM Ecosystem application interfaces that are tailored to your specific needs. User-friendly, responsive React JS framework components allow you to build less risky solutions, in less time than standard software projects typically take. 

The Key Design System provides all the elements you need to deliver outstanding software experiences. Starting with a comprehensive developer guide, we give you the components and best practice documentation you need to get started. Our designs and recommendations have been meticulously crafted over several years of research by our expert design and developer teams, who understand the nuanced needs of our domain users inside and out. You’ll be able to deliver interfaces that get the job done, without having to worry about the details of interaction or behavior patterns.

 The Decisiv Professional Services team is available to support you in making your ideas come to life. We can help you go from concept to delivery in record time, for nearly any solution you can dream up.

Intro to SRM

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Customer Success With SRM

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