The Decisiv SRM Ecosystem: Built for Today and the Future

The Decisiv SRM Ecosystem gives participants access to the largest, most dynamic asset service management system in the industry. The Ecosystem continues to expand in scope, with over 7 million assets in operation, over 5,000 dealers and service providers, and more than 74,000 fleets and asset owners. Participants in the SRM Ecosystem actively collaborate with one another to drive the performance, availability, and efficient utilization of assets.

By connecting to the Ecosystem, partners are better equipped to manage constantly evolving asset service management challenges. The commercial vehicle industry of the future will be powered by the convergence of four primary solutions: Connected, Autonomous, Shared Mobility, and Electrification (CASE). In the coming CASE-ified world, the SRM Ecosystem will reach beyond the management of repair events to monitor shared and autonomous vehicles, maintain electric assets, and enhance overall service quality through connectivity.

Through the collective strength of the SRM Ecosystem, we are future-proofing asset service management and providing an unprecedented level of connectivity, communication, control, and consistency to our partners.

To understand how the Ecosystem can provide value through connectivity specifically for your business, visit one of the following:

Uniquely designed for the commercial vehicle service industry, with your needs and challenges in mind.


Compatible with your legacy systems as well as nascent technologies.


Extensible and scalable in scope, helping you stay future-proof.


Supported by APIs and our Key Design System to facilitate connections with our platform.


Asset-agnostic, supporting everything from trucks to construction equipment to generators.


Extensive network of established component suppliers and technology partners.

Our Commitment to Innovation

The commercial vehicle’s future is Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric (CASE). In this CASE- and AI-driven environment, leveraging the benefits of connectivity, information exchange, and real-time data treatment will become even more critical. To stay a step ahead of the changing marketplace, Decisiv is committed to the perpetual enhancement of our SRM platform, building on our current market drivers while incorporating new solutions to match emerging demands.


SRM has always been about connectivity. We’re continuing that journey.


Autonomous vehicles will be much more reliant on data, supported and enabled by SRM.


Service and repair for shared vehicles will involve more back-end data governance.


Implementing new service and repair processes, as well as new locations, is easier with SRM.

SRM in a CASE-ified World

The onset of CASE convergence is changing the way commercial assets are used, causing the Decisiv SRM Ecosystem to continuously expand. Ecosystem partners will continue to grow through the purposeful structuring of data, developing a marketplace that fulfills requirements for fleets and partners while creating new business opportunities.

To learn more about how the SRM Ecosystem helps participants embrace and respond to the evolving service process, watch the videos and download the research papers below from Frost & Sullivan, Decisiv’s partner in market research and analysis.

How SRM Connects the Service Supply Chain

SRM streamlines interactions into one connected service platform, managing complex repair events and maximizing asset utilization.

SRM: An Ideal Platform to Support Changing Technologies

With the onset of connected trucks, various new business models and revenue generation opportunities will be available for all partners in the Decisiv SRM Ecosystem.

SRM: New Sources, New Opportunities

New entrants and legacy participants are changing market dynamics, creating new ways to leverage data, embrace advanced diagnostics and prognostics, and monetize assets.

The Future of SRM

The natural evolution of the Decisiv SRM Ecosystem will create a powerful marketplace, with room for exponential growth in the future.

Learn More

For a deeper look at how key technology trends are driving the need for SRM, download Frost & Sullivan’s research paper in its entirety.

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