Actionable, real-time service event information, asset service history , and customized reporting.

Improve Operational Insight and Asset Performance

Decisiv’s superior information management solutions dramatically improve access to critical real-time service event updates and increase your ability to take action to streamline operations and reduce downtime. 

SRM Vision

The SRM Vision management dashboard allows you to manage service events by providing complete real-time data on every asset at every location. The configurable dashboard provides data about the status of each service event and allows you to prioritize critical information in any way that you choose. With SRM Vision, you are able to view event information in real time and track that event through the entire service process, with email or SMS notifications about the status of an asset so you can monitor progress while you’re managing other tasks.

SRM Insite

SRM Insite’s reporting capabilities allow you to leverage a suite of robust, standard reports that give raw, aggregated or visualized views into the performance of your location, OEM or fleet. The dashboard provides graphical representations of your data to help you make better informed decisions and allows you to automate and schedule reports for consistent and efficient communication.

SRM Discovery Custom Reporting

Measure the speed, cost, and effectiveness of your service operations—and get insights to make your best business decisions. SRM Discovery Custom Reporting is a fast, easy, and safe way to assess customer service, review operations performance, or look at data from multiple locations, all through customized data analytics.

Examples of the valuable analytics available to you include:

  • Cost of service operations (including VMRS trends)
  • Approval process efficiency
  • Parts usage trends
  • Frequency of digital communications

Our Decisiv team works closely with you to create dynamic reports that address your specific needs. The reports provide clear and interactive visualizations of your data, personalized to your exact specifications.

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