Cookie Policy

Last Updated: December 1, 2023


This document will inform you about how and why Decisiv Inc. (“Decisiv, “we”, “us”) uses cookies. We will also tell you which cookies we use and some information about third parties which also place cookies on our website.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device and which let us make your experience better and more efficient. They allow us to recognize your device and browser, and store information which we deem of importance for the improvement of our services.

Types of cookies

  • Session Cookies and Persistent Cookies
    • Session cookies are stored temporarily on the memory of your devices while you are visiting the website and are erased once you close your browser.
    • Persistent Cookies are stored for a predetermined amount of time, which varies from cookie to cookie. It is longer than the session cookies; however they also expire after some months. They aid us to understand whether you have previously visited our website or similar sites in the past.
  • First Party and Third Party Cookies
    • First Party cookies are set directly by the website or by any of the subdomains of the website.
    • Third Party cookies are set by websites not managed by us, such as our subprocessores or other technology partners.

How do we use cookies?

  • options for logging in that will authenticate you on the website, keep your login session active, and remember how you prefer to store your login information;
  • tabbed information that keeps track of the tab or specific part of the website you are looking at;
  • regional content to deliver material specific to a region and keep track of time zone settings;
  • language preferences to choose and remember the language in which material is shown;
  • the capability of the device to deliver various content depending on the browser device being used;
  • to understand, improve, and research products, features, and services, including to create logs and record when Sites and Services are accessed from different devices

What cookies do we use?

Essential cookies

We may store cookies on your device if they are necessary to enable us to offer and provide our services. They are also required for you to navigate through the website and web application and benefit from all the available functions. These cookies cannot be switched off and are set for very basic options on the website, such as logging in, forms and set preferences such as timezone or languages.

Analytical cookies

These cookies are placed to aid us in understanding how you interact with the available options on the website, which parts you use the most, and how you engage with our services. This helps us create statistics of usage and the amount of time you spend on the website. These statistics will ultimately help us to improve our website and any services we offer on it.

Functional Cookies

These cookies are placed by us to help us to provide you with better functionality of the website and our services and to make them more personalized to you. They can also be placed by third-party providers you specifically consent to when you accept this cookie policy. You may block these cookies, but if you do, it may be that parts of the website do not function the way we intended.

How to block cookies

You may stop or restrict the placement of cookies and other tracking technologies, such as pixel tags. You do this by blocking them on your device or by removing them and adjusting preferences on your browser. This may vary from device to device and from browser to browser.

Please see the links below for guidance on how to modify your web browser’s settings on the most popular browsers:

Once you correctly block cookies on your browser, parts of the website may become unavailable to you or may otherwise not function properly.

Changes to this Policy

More detail on how we and/or other companies use cookies is available at .

We may update this policy to account for changes in laws or other requirements applicable to us, changes in technology, or changes to our business.

Any changes we make to the Cookie Policy will be posted on this page, with a “Last Updated” date at the top.   You are advised to review this Cookie Policy periodically for any changes. Changes to this Cookie Policy are effective when they are posted on this page.

If there are significant changes to our Cookie Policy, we will notify you in the manner and format in which we typically communicate with you in our regular course of business, as required by applicable law.

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