If you want to be in the driver’s seat when you are getting service estimates, you need Builder. Builder is Decisiv’s operation construction and storage system, and your key to service standardization and cost control. You can load your fleets’ most common repairs into Builder. You’ll be able to see average repair times and costs for different operations for your fleet over time, and for different types of assets. Builder is already available to you and we will help you get set up.

Benefits of Loading Fleet Operations

Once you have your operations in Builder, you’ll have the data you need to take control of your fleet’s most common repairs, as well as other maintenance-related operations and digital inspections. You’ll have a whole database of service estimate expectations and repair requirements you can share with your service providers—based on actual service done for your assets. So, when an asset needs service, you’ll be in a much stronger position as you negotiate costs. And you’ll bring consistency to repairs, reporting, and tracking. You’ll even be able to specify certain parts for your assets.

Builder Database

Builder makes it easy to have your fleet’s repair history, operation standards, and future repair estimate parameters, at your fingertips. You can add:

  • Standard Repair Times (SRTs)
  • VMRS Codes
  • Variations per Different YMME Information
  • Digital Inspection Forms
  • PM Schedules
  • Preferred Procedures
  • Integrations with Fleet Management Systems

Setting the Standards for Your Fleet’s Service

Putting your most common repairs on Builder gives you a convenient place to organize your service data. And when you have the average repair time for each of your 50 or 100 most common repairs, you can share that with your vendors via an access code or Profile Notes before they give you estimates.

For instance, if you had 20 brake jobs done last year, you would be able to see the range of repair times and set your own standard time expectations for brake work done this year. Once your repair information is in Builder, you can communicate service time, expected procedures, and cost parameters before you even start the estimate conversations, because you have reliable data specific to your fleet. In your Profile Notes for service providers, you can tell them that you only approve estimates that include your operations.

You can put default VMRS codes on each operation, so your repairs are always coded a certain way, for easier tracking. And once you have consistent tracking, you’ll be able to break out repair cost categories, to see which of your assets are the most expensive to maintain.

How to Get Started

Builder is part of SRM Case. Decisiv will help you get set up on Builder and import your operation list. After that you can add and adjust operations over time as you wish. Once you are set up, Builder requires minimal administrative time while providing ongoing, significant benefits.

Put your own repair data to work for you, to help you better negotiate and standardize future repairs. To set up Builder for your service operations, contact the Decisiv Support Team and mention “Builder” in the subject line: support@decisiv.com

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