Announcing Automatic VMRS Encoding for Fleets

New subscription service delivers encoded VMRS operations.
Relieves manual entry headaches and reduces your administrative overhead.

“By now, almost everyone knows that effective VMRS tracking helps you increase efficiency and maximize profits—because you know exactly where your time and money have been going. But no one likes the hassle and overhead of entering the codes. So, we solved that.”

Pete Russo, VP Product Strategy and Innovation

Decisiv knows how costly and inefficient manually inputting VMRS codes can be. And how much valuable asset and service cost data you lose when you don’t capture the codes. We heard from you how much you would like a solution.

So, two years ago we began working on a way to intelligently and automatically encode maintenance and repair operations. The result: VMRS Encoding for Fleets, a new service that automatically encodes operations for you…and gives you the keys to controlling costs and downtime.

SRM Ecosystem

How We Did It

(and why we’re the only ones who could)

Decisiv built the Service Relationship Management (SRM) Platform that helps keep your trucks on the road. We manage over 40,000 repair and maintenance operations daily, so have an unmatched amount of data to draw on. We took that data and employed Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and plain hard work to analyze, define, and assign accurate VMRS codes to repair operations.

We’ve done extensive testing of this cutting-edge technology and can now successfully encode more than 75% of the service events on the Decisiv SRM Platform. So, you don’t need to rely on your service provider for VMRS coding. Plus, your administrative team will be free to focus on other things instead of doing time-consuming coding catch-up.

Automatic VMRS Encoding Helps You…

  • Track parts and labor costs more accurately
  • Make informed purchasing decisions that include lifetime cost of asset
  • Decide when it is time to replace instead of repair
  • Control parts inventory
  • Recognize trends and avoid downtime with preventative maintenance
  • Immediately improve the quality and quantity of your service cost data for every asset

How It Works

Getting this valuable new service is fast and easy. If you are already using any of the OEM-provided service management systems powered by Decisiv you don’t need any in-house development or changes. Simply subscribe to the VMRS Encoding service.

You’ll receive all of your VMRS encoded operations biweekly or monthly–your choice.

VMRS – The Universal Language

In 1970, the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) of American Trucking Associations (ATA) established Vehicle Maintenance Report Standards (VMRS) for commercial vehicle repairs. The codes make sure everyone involved in fleet management and maintenance speaks the same language.

Our ATA Partnership

Decisiv is partnering with ATA’s Technology & Maintenance Council to create benchmarking reports based on VMRS data – so you can compare your parts and labor costs against actual costs captured in our SRM platform throughout North America.

Learn More About VMRS

Use the resources below to find out more about VMRS.

Your fleet’s VMRS data – when encoded accurately – is an essential tool for managing costs and keeping your vehicles on the road.

This Is Just The Start

VMRS Encoding is the first solution from SRM Discovery, a new suite of Decisiv data and analytics products that put the power of your fleet’s own data to work for you. SRM Discovery enables you to leverage real-time and historical data that will help you better manage, plan, analyze and control the entire service lifecycle of every asset.

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