New VMRS Group Level parts and labor cost information in the Decisiv Marketplace furthers the ability to improve commercial vehicle service operations

Glen Allen, Virginia – June 24, 2020 (PR Newswire)

Decisiv, Inc., the industry leader in Service Relationship Management (SRM) solutions, announced today that VMRS Group Level parts and labor cost reports will be presented monthly in the recently expanded Decisiv Marketplace. Decisiv’s VMRS Group Level reporting incorporates data on maintenance and repairs at dealer service centers and fleet shops across North America. It represents the first time that VMRS service cost reporting is available based on actual, transaction level service data.

VMRS (Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards), developed in 1970 by the American Trucking Associations, provides a standardized coding convention for uniform identification of commercial asset labor and parts costs. Until now, however, key industry service cost reporting was based on highly subjective survey processes where both the currency and the accuracy of the data was a challenge.

“VMRS Group Level parts and labor cost information benefits fleets and dealers with insights to help commercial vehicle service operations become more efficient,” said Dick Hyatt, President and CEO of Decisiv. “We are in the unique position of being able to provide this expanded range of service cost reporting based on real time capture of data on roughly 270,000 monthly service events. This level of objective, accurate cost reporting has not previously been available to the industry. Our quantified parts and labor detail sets a higher standard for both the currency and accuracy of data. In turn, that facilitates analyses and benchmarking for better decision-making.”

In the Decisiv Marketplace, VMRS costs are classified and reported on in seven group levels, including:

  • Cab & Control Devices
  • Chassis
  • Drivetrain
  • Electrical
  • Engines
  • Bodies and Vessels
  • Bulk Product Transfer

Decisiv’s VMRS reporting provides a regional breakdown and comparative analysis, which enables fleets to more critically assess and plan service based on parts and labor costs across North America, and allows service providers to compare costs to regional averages and improve their customers’ experience.

“VMRS Group Level reporting on parts and labor costs furthers the ability to use Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards to more effectively and consistently manage commercial asset maintenance,” said Jack Poster, VMRS Services Manager at the ATA’s Technology & Maintenance Council, which serves as the official custodian of VMRS. “Decisiv has been a proponent of VMRS for many years. Its latest effort furthers the ability of fleets and dealers to use the industry’s universal coding convention to analyze their maintenance operations.”

The presentation of VMRS Group Level parts and labor cost reporting extends the broad range of asset service data that is derived daily from the Decisiv SRM Ecosystem and presented monthly in a Service Data Index. This next step in providing transactional assessments is part of the continued expansion of the Decisiv Marketplace, which also now includes articles and content of value to dealers and fleets, and key strategic information on critical and emerging trends.

Solutions in the Decisiv Marketplace are showcased to more than 40,000 active SRM platform users worldwide, including fleets with over 7 million assets in operation, and 4,500 dealers and service providers.

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