Werner integrates with Decisiv to expand its repair network

Omaha, NE – December 2, 2021
Werner Enterprises (NASDAQ: WERN), one of the nation’s largest transportation and logistics companies, announced a new integration with the Decisiv Service Relationship Management (SRM) platform into Werner’s Event Resolution System. Werner is the first carrier to implement this integration, which aims to expand Werner’s integrated repair network to more than 13,000 repair shops in the company’s vendor network. This integration is yet another step forward in Werner’s innovation strategy, providing the benefits of integration to over 33 percent of the company’s total vendor network.

“Werner Enterprises is happy to be working with Decisiv as part of our long-term plan to integrate solutions that move both Werner and the industry forward,” said Daragh Mahon, EVP and CIO, Werner. “Now more than ever there is a need to increase efficiencies in our industry. Through continued investment in our systems and technology we drive efficiency in our response times, increase safety by ensuring breakdowns are remediated quickly and trucks are moved off roadways, and provide better customer service by communicating status faster and more accurately for drivers and customers.”

Werner’s objective in integrating with Decisiv SRM is based on the efficiencies it brings to the table. Utilizing this integration, Werner now has immediate access to 3,000 repair shops where direct calls are no longer always needed, and estimates are automatically uploaded to our breakdown management systems and can be approved or denied with a click of a button.

Werner expects that this integration will result in a 15-minute time savings for each of the more than 10,000 repair orders and estimates, resulting in more than 2,500 hours of time recovered. The significant time savings allows Werner’s professional drivers to return to the road faster, improving satisfaction and retention, and boosts the fleet’s revenue-generating (or freight carrying) capability and productivity.

“Decisiv has made integration across the repair lifecycle very easy through a comprehensive API suite and detailed documentation,” said Mahon. “Their team provided hands-on support throughout the integration process, which resulted in an expedited development process for Werner.”

“The ability to automate the repair event will save us time and lend itself to focus more on our professional drivers,” said William Stawowczyk II, General Manager of Road Breakdown, Werner. “Integrating with Decisiv allows us to minimize set up time and maximize repair velocity, which will produce an environment in which the drivers support team is more informed, allowing us to maximize their time.”

“Werner’s plans to use our SRM technology to implement a consistent and effective repair process across its service locations will quickly result in tremendous gains in service management efficiency,” said Dick Hyatt, President and CEO of Decisiv. “It is going to have a positive impact on their ability to speed the estimate creation and approval process, which benefits Werner, its service operation and their professional drivers. We are very pleased to have Werner as part of our growing SRM Ecosystem.”

About Decisiv, Inc.

Virginia-based Decisiv is the provider of the largest asset service management ecosystem for the commercial vehicle industry. The Decisiv Service Relationship Management (SRM) platform is the foundation for the nearly 5,000 service locations across North America that manage more than 3.5 million service and repair events for commercial vehicles annually. Through Decisiv’s SRM platform, dealers, service providers, manufacturers, and fleet and asset managers can communicate and collaborate during every service event. The SRM solution streamlines the entire asset service management process bringing all the necessary diagnostic, telematics and asset information together for all participants, and delivers it at the point of service. This level of connectivity and collaboration drives an unrivaled level of service performance and asset optimization that gets trucks back on the road faster so fleets see higher revenue per asset and lower costs. Service providers using SRM establish efficient communication, better controls, and increased productivity in service operations that enables them to become trusted partners to fleets. For manufacturers, SRM enhances the value of service networks and provides data and analytics to help develop more reliable and efficient commercial assets. For more information, visit www.decisiv.com.


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