Imagine one of your techs are doing a repair and notice a broken bolt. Or a leak. Or a truck comes in with a derated engine. You could call your customer and spend time playing phone tag. You could detail the issue in a text or email. Or, thanks to Decisiv’s partnership with TruVideo, you could show the customer the issue via video instead of just telling them.

TruVideo is an easy-to-use video app that helps you build customer confidence during inspections and repairs. With TruVideo, you bridge that gap, so even first-time customers can trust what you are telling them about their vehicle…because you are showing them.

Service providers tell us that sending TruVideo videos to their customers reduces dwell time and increases upsells by an average of 90% on ROs. Customers can see what the tech sees, can quickly approve what needs to be done, and are extremely pleased by the transparency.

See How It Works:

Here’s how recording and sending videos works when you add TruVideo to your Decisiv SRM Platform:

  • When a case is opened in the Decisiv SRM platform it automatically creates a TruVideo event.
  • Your techs take videos of vehicles using any mobile device including their own smartphones—and can record the video online or offline. No special equipment required.
  • The videos are custom-branded and HD quality…and stored in the cloud so you don’t need to worry about storage space or video length.
  • Techs can send videos via the case in Decisiv SRM. They can also text the videos to your customers straight out of the TruVideo app. (TruVideo provides the phone number to the dealership, so no one has to use their private number.)
  • If you wish, you can build in a step in the workflow where an advisor reviews each video before it gets posted to the case or sent to the customer.
  • Your customers don’t need to download the TruVideo app—or have any special software—to watch the videos of their vehicles.
  • TruVideo lets you know when the message has been opened and viewed
  • Customers see their vehicles’ issues themselves, and hear the tech explain the diagnosis, so the focus shifts quickly from you explaining the needed repair to them discussing you doing the repair.
  • TruVideo stores your videos for a minimum of seven years…and gives them to you if you decide to discontinue the service.

See the Results

Average approval time is under ten minutes. Customers watch the videos soon after you send them: average time between when videos are sent and when customers view them is just four minutes. TruVideo analytics tell you who watched the video, for how long, and how many times. You’ll also be able to track cases with videos versus cases without, so you can see the how the videos helped with upselling opportunities.

Get Warranty Claims Paid Faster

TruVideo helps you streamline warranty approvals and reduces the need to send parts for verification. Dealers tell us that sending videos for warranty claims instead of pictures helps reduce the number of parts being called back for testing. So, claims are paid quicker, with less chance of rejection of the claim. Plus, you save the administrative time pulling, packing, and shipping parts.

Upsell During Inspections

​Pairing Decisiv digital inspections with TruVideo is a powerful combination for creating efficient, trackable upsell opportunities.

For more information about adding TruVideo to your Decisiv SRM Platform, contact Amy Forshee at, or at 804-762-4153 x1.

Let them see what you see. Enhance customer communication and confidence with Decisiv SRM and TruVideo.