The industry is buzzing about the Decisiv and Trimble collaboration.


We’re not the only ones excited about TMT ServiceConnect, a collaboration between Decisiv and Trimble that delivers full visibility on all service events, wherever they are performed. Check out the industry coverage at the links below:

New York Times | Trimble Expands Connectivity Capabilities through its New Module TMT ServiceConnect for Transportation

CCJ | Trimble, Decisiv close the service communication loop with TMT ServiceConnect

Construction Equipment | TMT ServiceConnect Links Fleets to Service Locations

Fleet Equipment | Trimble expands connectivity capabilities through TMT ServiceConnect

Heavy Duty Trucking | TMT Module Connects Fleets to Service Shops | Trimble expands connectivity capabilities through new module

Transport Topics | Trimble, Decisiv Partner to Connect Fleets With Repair Data From Service Providers | Trimble, Decisiv partner on TMT ServiceConnect


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