Decisiv is launching new industry analyses. Service information managed across the SRM ecosystem will provide new perspective on parts and labor costs in North America. 

Glen Allen, Virginia – December 11, 2019

One of the largest focus areas in the transport industry today is the influence of big data on supply chain planning, logistics operations, and vehicle maintenance strategies. For 15 years, Decisiv has been at the forefront of new service management technologies in the commercial vehicle space, building an ecosystem of partners and harnessing their collective big data to drive the performance, availability, and efficient utilization of assets.

The Decisiv SRM Ecosystem has effectively changed the entire asset service lifecycle for commercial vehicles, but we’re far from finished with our journey to transform the service supply chain. In an industry which is increasingly driven by technology, we are continually seeking out new ways to help our ecosystem partners collect, process, and understand the massive amounts of data they can utilize to streamline service processes, improve asset performance and availability, and maximize profitability.

Capturing the Bigger Picture

Let’s speak hypothetically. Imagine you are a service manager at a large truck dealership in the United States, part of one of the most sizable North American dealer networks for a leading global OEM. Your network has been part of the Decisiv SRM Ecosystem for years, which has effectively transformed your business through enhanced information and records, streamlined service processes, faster turnaround time, and increased customer satisfaction.

But while you’ve been able to develop actionable, data-driven insights on your own internal processes and on the assets you service, you’d still like to have current data on larger market drivers, such as parts and labor rates across North America and how your parts and labor rates compare on a regional and national basis. Having that knowledge would help you understand what large fleet customers are paying for service across various regions.

Now, step into the shoes of a fleet manager. Having access to data on variances in parts and labor costs in different regions would give you a more holistic view of what is driving expenses and help you make better-informed decisions when it comes to planning, budgeting, and scheduling maintenance.

As a manufacturer, you would gain critical insight into key trends in parts and service across the entire service dealer network, and subsequently, better understand your customers’ experiences from region to region.

The Decisiv Service Data Index – An Unrivaled Perspective on Commercial Vehicle Service

Until now, current data on parts and labor rates has not been collected and mined in a way to make it easily accessible to the commercial vehicle industry, but Decisiv is changing that with our new Decisiv Service Data Index.

Decisiv currently captures parts and labor information every day on more than 10,000 repair events throughout North America. This gives our talented team of data scientists unique insights and the ability to quantify and report on variances and changes in parts and labor rates, across the United States and Canada and on a regional basis.

Compiling data from more than 300,000 monthly service and repair events at more than 4,500 service locations, we have created a clear, actionable index for our ecosystem partners to better understand and compare parts and labor costs across North America. The Service Data Index will be updated monthly, presenting average year over year and month over month costs and key trends. Decisiv SRM Ecosystem partners will also be able to access archived data for a historical view of costs. This is the first time a broad perspective on North American parts and labor costs has been available in an easy-to-understand, actionable format.

We’re excited to announce that the first reports from the new Decisiv Service Data Index are now live on our website, and listed under the Ecosystem button on the homepage. We hope you’ll find it as insightful as we do, and we welcome input from our current partners, prospective partners and the public. If you’re interested in learning how you can become a part of our ecosystem and benefit from this unrivaled perspective on commercial vehicle services, contact us today.

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