For the first time, manufacturers have full insight into asset performance, asset utilization, and customer experiences from beginning to end.


What happens to an asset once it’s sold? How does it perform? How satisfied is the owner? Traditionally, manufacturers have limited (or no) visibility into utilization, performance, and service of assets once they have been sold to dealers or end customers. With Decisiv SRM, manufacturers gain unprecedented visibility into the entire service life cycle of their assets, enabling them not only to gain data-driven insights, but giving them the ability to deliver improved customer experiences from beginning to end.

The Right Data at the Right Time

The power of Decisiv’s collaborative SRM platform is that it connects manufacturers with asset owners/managers and service providers, making it possible for them to collaborate in maintenance and repair events. Decisiv SRM uniquely engages manufacturers in every aspect of maintenance and repair, meaning they stay up to date on the performance of every asset sold, throughout its entire life cycle.

  • Reduce phone calls, faxes, emails, and multiple system log-ons
  • Simplify and speed up each repair event
  • Improve asset utilization and uptime
  • Deliver consistent, high-quality customer experiences
  • Share information in a consistent, comprehensive way with your dealers, mobile technicians, leasing and rental network companies and most importantly, with your customers

But that’s not all. Our powerful analytics help you to spot critical asset repair trends, get ahead of issues more quickly and effectively, and even improve your next-generation models. See how Decisiv SRM keeps everyone connected in a service event, from start to finish.

Connected Call Centers

When your corporate call centers are also powered by Decisiv, your agents can rapidly connect customers and service centers. They’ll also be able to access and use SRM data at the point of case creation. This ability to provide critical oversight during an entire repair event dramatically enhances the call center experience, improving brand perception and customer loyalty.



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Decisiv helps eliminate unproductive time that is spent on things like phone tag, listening to voice mails, etc. …The result has been a reduction in average diagnostic time of 71% and average repair time by 25%.

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