On the Decisiv SRM Platform, the Line Item Status list improves internal communication and helps make external communication with customers more impactful. Many service providers are missing out on the Line Item Status list’s full power.

Did you know that you can expand and modify the Line Item Status options on the Decisiv SRM Platform? When you do, everything you need to know about a job’s status is at your fingertips–in detail and color-coded.

On the platform, an overall case status might be that a job is waiting on authorization. Once you customize your Line Item Status list categories, you’ll be able to see instantly what needs authorization—and which other jobs in the case are completed, are waiting on parts, or have other pending issues.

The Decisiv SRM Platform comes with three stock Line Item Statuses: Pending, Approved, and Not Approved. You can expand that to up to 10 color-coded statuses. You choose the terms you want and the colors for each. (For instance, Part on Order in yellow, Warranty in blue, and Completed in green.)

Your Decisiv SRM Platform administrator (usually the service manager or service director) can update the Line Item Status colors and options in the platform with the best choices for your operations. See the diagram for an example of how to configure this. Service Providers with multiple locations can even customize the list for each location. After that, the whole team at each location will have access to the latest Line Item Status list. Because of the color codes, just a glance tells anyone who looks what is complete and what is in progress.

Improved internal communication is a key Line Item Status benefit. What service providers particularly appreciate though, is how the expanded status listing helps communication with customers. Your customers won’t see the Line Item Status listing because the list doesn’t export to your DMS. But when a customer contacts you, anyone on the team will be able to look at the list and give that customer a clear, complete case status.

“Having our technicians online setting the line items statuses really allows for live transparency on a repair order. Our Service Advisors are able to provide customers accurate, real-time information just by looking at the case.”

Shane Robertson Service Manager, RWC Group

With color-coded Line Item Status, anyone who interacts with a customer can easily give specific, real-time case details, with responses like: “We’ve completed this item, have two parts ordered for this next job, and are waiting on tech support for the diagnostics.” Your whole team will be informed and proactive, even on cases with multiple operations.
Customers don’t want to hear “we’re waiting on parts” one day and then “we’re waiting on tech support for a different item” the next. Exchanges like that damage a customer’s confidence in a shop. Color-coding your Line Item Statuses gives you a simple solution for better communication.

Give your internal and external communication a color-coded boost—and help everyone have the case details they need right at hand. If you haven’t already customized your Line Item Status list, do so now.

To apply to the operations on a case, select which operations you want to tag. Then SELECT from “Status” drop down located directly above the operations.

NOTE: These statuses do not export to your DMS but provide great visuals to understand what is complete and where each line item stands in the shop.

For more information about color-coding your Line Item Status list, contact Decisiv customer support and mention “Line Item Status” in the subject line: support@decisiv.com

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