Leading the Digital Enterprise Masterclass is offered by The Leadership Network, led by former Amazon executive and author John Rossman

Decisiv, Inc., the leading provider of a Service Relationship Management (SRM) platform that drives unrivaled asset performance and utilization for the commercial vehicle, heavy equipment and industrial markets, announced today that Decisiv has been asked by John Rossman, the former Amazon executive and acclaimed author and Internet of Things (IoT) expert, to teach a session during his Leading the Digital Enterprise Masterclass organized by The Leadership Network.

“Decisiv’s industrial asset manufacturer clients are early pioneers in implementing successful, scalable IIoT solutions,” said Dick Hyatt, Decisiv President and CEO. “We’re honored by this opportunity to work with John Rossman and The Leadership Network and to profile our clients’ success.”

Today, manufacturers are using Decisiv’s IIoT and Service Relationship Management solutions to drive asset performance, equipment uptime, and to provide transparency and visibility across the entire service ecosystem. IIoT also gives Decisiv the ability to provide advanced data analytics to asset owners, OEMs, service providers, and call centers.

Rossman’s “Leading the Digital Enterprise” Masterclass of The Leadership Network teaches industry leaders to create value by taking advantage of the emerging opportunities to build new IoT business capabilities for competitive differentiation. Using Amazon Web Services as a leading example, John Rossman provides course attendees with a practical framework on how to employ IoT in a business model.

John Rossman is the author of The Amazon Way series, a former Amazon executive, and a sought-after advisor to leaders on digital strategies and leadership. At Amazon, Rossman launched and scaled the Amazon Marketplace business. In his role as Director of Enterprise Services at Amazon.com, he managed worldwide services for enterprise clients. His acclaimed books The Amazon Way: 14 Leadership Principles of the World’s Most Disruptive Company and The Amazon Way on IoT: 10 Principles for Every Leader from the World’s Leading Internet of Things Strategies are considered a must read for business people.

About Decisiv, Inc.
Decisiv provides a unique cloud-based Service Relationship Management (SRM) platform that revolutionizes how the service supply chain for commercial assets communicates and collaborates. As the industry leader in SRM technology, Decisiv is driving unrivaled improvement in asset performance and utilization for manufacturers,
service providers and asset owners in the commercial vehicle, heavy equipment, and industrial markets. Its ability to harness, share and analyze connected asset data, and to intelligently enable service management, is the key to driving asset uptime and availability across the entire service ecosystem. For more information, visit https://www.decisiv.com/1559310288795.

About The Leadership Network
The Leadership Network provides senior professionals with the network and 3 day masterclasses led by industry experts, which include private tours allowing attendees to go behind the scenes of world leading companies such as Toyota, Alibaba, G.E., BMW, AUDI and Honda to allow them to deconstruct their success. To date, it helped over 4,000 companies drive change, including: Adidas, Phillips, Sony, IBM and Land Rover. For more information, visit https://theleadershipnetwork.com

About Rossman Partners
Rossman Partners is a leading digital strategy and operations advisory firm helping clients compete in the digital era.

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