Isuzu Connect, powered by Decisiv Service Relationship Management, is set to add more value for Isuzu dealers and customers

Decisiv, Inc., the industry leader in Service Relationship Management (SRM) solutions, and Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, Inc. announced today the initial rollout of Isuzu Connect — providing the benefits of SRM to Isuzu dealerships and customers.

This new solution will streamline service event management and support an unrivaled level of service and repair efficiency.

“We are very pleased that the Isuzu Connect solution will be built on the Decisiv SRM technology and ecosystem,” said Dick Hyatt, President and CEO of Decisiv. “Isuzu is a leading, valued provider of trucks and service in the quickly growing North American medium-duty market. Their extended service solution will use the Decisiv SRM technology and ecosystem to drive performance for Isuzu dealerships and improve asset utilization and a more attractive return on investment for owners.”

Isuzu Connect will streamline the entire service and repair process between customers and dealer service locations across the United States and Canada. Applying the Decisiv SRM technology and ecosystem will improve service consistency by connecting Isuzu dealerships with the right information at the right time within the context of the service event. This includes service history (regardless of where serviced), service campaign, recall and warranty data, as well as Standard Repair Times (SRTs).

Isuzu Connect will also enable Isuzu dealerships to connect with their customers digitally and share information throughout the service process, providing customers complete transparency so they can make informed decisions to run their business for maximum profitability. The technology will also be integrated with several Dealer Management Systems that are already part of the Decisiv network, including DMS solutions from CDK, DSI, Karmak and Procede.

Implementing Isuzu Connect by incorporating the Decisiv SRM ecosystem will also enable Isuzu to future-proof their investment and easily scale as both technology and the Isuzu dealer network evolve.

“Isuzu is committed to ensuring Isuzu customers realize maximum value from their investment in our extensive line of Class 3-6 low cab forward diesel- and gasoline-powered trucks,” said Shaun C. Skinner, President, Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, Inc., “With Isuzu Connect, we are creating a connected and dynamic service event management framework to further improve asset uptime and performance and to provide a better overall customer experience.”

Isuzu and Decisiv will be implementing Isuzu Connect with dealerships to ensure quality delivery of the SRM technology.

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