SRM Discovery Status Tracker delivers actionable information about service event workflow that is leading to a dramatic improvement in return to service

Decisiv, Inc., the industry leader in Service Relationship Management (SRM) solutions, announced today the SRM Discovery Status Tracker, a reporting suite that provides actionable information for managing and controlling service event workflow. Initial users of the SRM Discovery Status Tracker are reporting a 11% to 24% improvement in return to service across operations and locations.

“With SRM Discovery Status Tracker management dashboards and reports, you’ll benefit from a better understanding of service event durations and time and efficiency across each stage of delivery,” said Nick Pittinger, Director of Data Service at Decisiv. “You’ll be able to use that information to drive best practices. We’ve already seen that the service process insights delivered in Status Tracker are driving faster return to service of assets, quicker approval of estimates, and an increase in revenue-generating wrench time for technicians.”

Users of SRM Discovery Status Tracker are reporting dramatic improvements in key metrics, including:

  • An 11% to 24% improvement in return to service time for customer assets
  • An average 5-hour reduction in time to complete check in
  • An average 12-hour reduction in time for estimate approval and authorization

Status Tracker provides insights into time intervals spent on check-in, estimate creation, waiting on parts, and more, across your entire operation, between departments, locations, and timeframes, as well as within a single status event.

Status Tracker enables a view into duration, service advisor or location trends. The dashboards and reports also give you a broad overview and specific details to see if operational changes are delivering expected improvements.

“Identifying potential bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your service process throughout your service operations is the key to meeting your objectives and that’s exactly what Status Tracker delivers,” Pittinger added. “The reporting suite presents the actionable information you need to assess performance and identify opportunities to implement best practices that minimize excessive durations and streamline service delivery.”

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