Solution elevates the ability to manage and analyze maintenance and repair activity

Glen Allen, Virginia/Cleveland, Ohio – September 12, 2021

Decisiv, Inc., the industry leader in Service Relationship Management (SRM) solutions, announced here today during the American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) Fall Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition a new VMRS Encoding for Fleets solution.

“Automated VMRS encoding can save time and money for fleets that are currently using the Decisiv SRM platform to manage more than 600,000 specific operations monthly,” said Dick Hyatt, President and CEO at Decisiv. “It eliminates the administrative effort and cost required to manually apply VMRS codes.”

“VMRS Encoding is a key part of our focus on Intelligent Service Management and our development efforts aimed at improving the quality of critical and actionable service cost data for fleets,” Hyatt added. “It offers tremendous value to fleets who want to more accurately understand the overall performance and service costs of their vehicles and streamline operations.”

VMRS Encoding analyzes individual service operations using Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to interpret information captured during the creation of a repair order and assigns appropriate VMRS codes to completed operations. Encoding takes place independently of the actual repair and maintenance operation. Fleets have the option of receiving the data on a bi-weekly or monthly basis in a standard CSV file format.

Fleets that have measured the level and accuracy of VMRS Encoding by Decisiv confirm that accurate system codes are being assigned to more than 75% of service transactions. An early adopter of the solution is Howard Sheppard, Inc., a for-hire carrier providing common, contract, and truckload services.

“With Decisiv, the ability to automatically VMRS encode operations will result in a huge reduction in data entry and administrative time,” said Mike Rice, VP of Fleet Operations at Howard Sheppard. “In our case, the VMRS encoding capability improved the level of coding to 77% over an additional 450 operations. That gives us a better understanding of our costs at a much more granular level, improving our ability to identify inefficiencies and reduce total cost of ownership for our assets.”

The automated VMRS Encoding solution will result in much broader application and use of Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards and builds on the partnership between Decisiv and TMC announced earlier this year to produce North American Service Event Benchmark reports. The reports track key performance indicators based on VMRS, which highlight maintenance labor and parts costs sorted by dozens of vehicle systems  and by geographic region.

VMRS Encoding is part of Decisiv’s new SRM Discovery family of analytics products and reporting services designed to deliver more Intelligent Service Management capabilities that maximize asset performance and availability. Decisiv plans to introduce the SRM Discovery solution to the more than 30,000 fleets and over 5,000 service providers that are connected to the SRM platform.

About Decisiv, Inc.

Virginia-based Decisiv is the provider of the largest asset service management ecosystem for the commercial vehicle industry. The Decisiv Service Relationship Management (SRM) platform is the foundation for the nearly 5,000 service locations across North America that manage more than 3.5 million service and repair events for commercial vehicles annually. Through Decisiv’s SRM platform, dealers, service providers, manufacturers, and fleet and asset managers can communicate and collaborate during every service event. The SRM solution streamlines the entire asset service management process bringing all the necessary diagnostic, telematics and asset information together for all participants, and delivers it at the point of service. This level of connectivity and collaboration drives an unrivaled level of service performance and asset optimization that gets trucks back on the road faster so fleets see higher revenue per asset and lower costs. Service providers using SRM establish efficient communication, better controls, and increased productivity in service operations that enables them to become trusted partners to fleets. For manufacturers, SRM enhances the value of service networks and provides data and analytics to help develop more reliable and efficient commercial assets. For more information, visit


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