Make writing estimates easier. Activate VIP Integration today.

Are you servicing Freightliner, Western Star or Thomas Built Buses assets? If you are, you can now save time and effort creating estimates, thanks to a new partnership between Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) and Decisiv. The new partnership, announced this July, will integrate the Decisiv SRM Platform’s estimate-delivery functions with DTNA’s Uptime Pro dealership service management platform.

The first of several integrations is available now and focuses on accessing the DTNA Vehicle Information Portal (VIP) truck specs database.

If you have an account on VIP, you don’t have to go out to the assets and hunt for parts’ serial numbers anymore. You don’t need to make phone calls to get the information. Decisiv and DTNA VIP Integration means the vehicle-specific data you need shows up at your fingertips. You don’t even have to manually type it in.

VIP Integration activation is fast and easy.
And so is how the integration works.

Decisiv and DTNA VIP Integration is keyed off a vehicle’s VIN number. Once you enter the VIN number in the case, the information sheet populates with the asset specifications straight from DTNA VIP.

This easy access to crucial data helps you write up repair estimates quickly. Plus, you’ll also be able to rapidly verify parts availability. The result? Efficient service and maximized uptime.

VIP Integration also helps you spot if an original part was replaced without that replacement being recorded, giving you more valuable data that used to require multiple phone calls and more time spent inspecting the vehicle. With VIP Integration you get information right on your screen that you used to have to collect from multiple sources.

Following this integration with VIP, you’ll soon have access to diagnostics, repair information, standard repair time, and photos from DTNA’s Express WriteUp mobile app. An additional interface with DTNA’s Online Warranty Link (OWL) system will give you warranty and recall data.

The partnership between Decisiv and DTNA means that more estimate-streamlining support will soon be available via DTNA Uptime Pro.

If you would like to spend less time searching for serial numbers—and help the assets you service spend more time on the road–contact your CSM today.