When you are servicing multiple brands, be sure you know the shortcuts for switching easily from brand to brand on the Decisiv SRM Platform.

Accessing each brand’s portal on the Decisiv SRM Platform is crucial for efficient, high-quality service. You get all the OEM benefits and other vital information there. The portals give you brand-specific warranty information, repair campaigns, recall asset history, and other essential data sharing.

No one likes waiting for pages to load. If you aren’t aware of some easy shortcuts, switching between each brand portal on the SRM platform can be time consuming. So, here are those shortcuts that will save you time.

First Shortcut: Toggle between brand portals

To get to a new portal, you don’t even have to click on “Portal.” Just follow these easy steps:

  • Log in to your Decisiv SRM Platform
  • Go to the “Cases” page
  • At the top left of your screen, click on the arrow next to your portal name
When you click that, you’ll see a dropdown with your different brand portal options and can click whichever brand you want. This shortcut makes it easy to toggle between brands.

Second Shortcut: Use “My Cases” tab

Another trick for moving between brand portals is to look at your cases under “My Cases” instead of “All Cases.”

Your “My Cases” list will display brands together if your brand mix is one of these groupings:

  • Mack, Volvo, Hino
  • Kenworth, Peterbilt, Isuzu, TICO, Non-branded, or other

For example:

  • Mack, Hino, and Peterbilt multi-brand locations: when you are in the Mack portal “My Cases” will display cases assigned to you from the Mack or Hino portal – but will not include the Peterbilt cases.
  • Mack, Volvo, and Hino multi-brand locations: the “My Cases” tab will display all cases assigned to you from all 3 portals.
You can also use the “My Cases” tab for sending notes without having to jump between portals to find the case and the notes.

Third Shortcut: Use the Decisiv SRM Vision Management dashboard

Decisiv offers you another solution for pulling together all your cases from every brand and location: the SRM Vision management dashboard. And best of all, SRM Vision comes as part of your Decisiv SRM Platform from many OEMs.

If the brands you service are Decisiv partners, this helpful tool is already waiting for you at no additional charge except for nominal administrative fees for the initial setup. If you service asset brands that aren’t full Decisiv partners, we can still work with you to add those brands to SRM Vision.

With the SRM Vision dashboard, you’ll have critical information about every open case, all in the same place, and can link from there to the specific case.

Many multi-brand dealerships use SRM Vision specifically to bring all their cases on to one screen, but also appreciate the numerous ways Vision helps them manage daily operations over a large network. You can:

  • Customize Vision and create favorites that show you what you most need to know and give you crucial alerts.
  • Configure Vision by location and by person, so each person only sees the jobs assigned to them– all in one place.
  • Share reports easily, so additional users don’t have to create or duplicate an existing report.
If you would like more information about shortcuts or are interested in using SRM Vision to consolidate all your cases – please reach out to support@decisiv.com.

We want to be sure you get the most from SRM Vision, so we will train you and create custom favorites for you in SRM Vision for a small fee. If interested, please contact sales@decisiv.com.