At Decisiv, we’re working on solving your headaches—headaches I remember well from my years working at dealerships in Service Operations. I remember how frustrating it was to lose technician time to data double entry – and what a hassle it was to hunt down critical information. All that time could have been better spent actually repairing trucks, so they could get back on the road sooner.

That’s why I am particularly excited to introduce Decisiv’s new integrations that help techs work more efficiently–and with better information.

 Our new SRM Connector for Cummins Guidanz creates a seamless workflow between Decisiv SRM and Cummins Guidanz for anyone who services Cummins engines. No more time wasted on double entry. Plus, the new integration puts Cummins expertise right at your technicians’ fingertips, in real time, right in the service case. All with a click.

With the Connector:

  • Technicians can start a Cummins Guidanz case for diagnostics and repairs straight from the Decisiv case.
  • A single click of a button on an operation opens a new tab for Cummins Guidanz and inputs that asset’s information into that case.
  • There’s no more data entry or typing out serial numbers, VINs, mileage, hours — that’s all there. So, there’s significantly less risk of error.  
  • When the case is created, it then brings back the Cummins Guidanz case number into the operation in the Decisiv case, which serves as a link.
  • Anyone can use that quick link out of the Decisiv case to access the case in Cummins Guidanz without having to go search for a Cummins Guidanz case number or search by serial number.
  • Crucial Cummins data is available right at the point of service, including fault codes, manuals, previous warranty claims, and more.
  • Updating diagnostics or repairs is easier, too. 
  • Your technicians spend less time on data entry, have better information at hand, and get assets back into service faster.

Streamline Warranty Recovery

I spent years dealing with the challenges of warranty recovery — both as a dealership Service Director and as a Warranty Manager. So, one of my favorite benefits of the SRM Connector is how much it helps with warranty recovery. With the SRM Connector, you can simply workflow the case to the warranty team. The warranty team doesn’t have to go hunting for the case or go talk with the tech — everything they need is in one place, including a direct link to the Cummins case. They can file claims faster, and the dealership receives its money sooner, for better cash flow. Plus, your dealership has better documentation if you ever need it for audits.

Here’s a short demo that I think you’ll find worth watching: SRM Connector for Cummins Guidanz Demo

Getting Started is Simple

The SRM Connector starts saving you time immediately. Plus there’s no training needed. If you service Cummins engines, your techs are already familiar with Cummins Guidanz. And you already build cases in a Decisiv-powered service platform. There’s nothing new your techs have to learn. Just time to save and easier access to essential information.

Based on my dealership experience, the SRM Connector pays for itself in tech efficiencies within the first few claims. After that, the increased efficiency goes right towards improving your bottom line—and your customers’ satisfaction as you return assets to service sooner.

 To get started with the SRM Connector, you need to be using the latest version of Cummins Guidanz. If you need an upgrade, you can contact your Cummins representative, or contact us at

Try Now & Get 30 Days Free

The SRM Connector for Cummins Guidanz  is only $125 a month per dealership location, no matter how many brands you service or portals you have. Sign up now and you get your first 30 days free! Use the coupon code “30daysfree” when you subscribe via the Decisiv marketplace: Introducing the SRM Connector for Cummins Guidanz – Decisiv Marketplace

Thank you for your interest in the time-and-money-saving benefits of the SRM Connector for Cummins Guidanz. For more information, contact Amy Forshee at