Yes! You absolutely can add additional assets to the Decisiv SRM Platform, including trailers. And doing that would simplify your service management – and reduce downtime – because you’d have all your essential asset service information all in one place. You’d be able to put the full power and efficiency of the Decisiv SRM Platform to work for your whole fleet.

Connect Easily With Service Providers

Having every asset on the SRM Platform would simplify communicating with your service providers, connecting them to your asset data, speeding up repairs, and saving you phone time. If your vendors are not currently part of the Decisiv SRM Platform we can add them for you, making it easier for you to see and track all your service events. The SRM Platform even helps you manage and measure vendor performance.

Streamline the Service You Manage

The SRM Platform offers the same efficiencies for your internal service shops and makes the platform’s connectivity, scheduling, cost control, and record-keeping benefits even more essential. Adding additional assets to the Decisiv SRM Platform helps you more easily manage every aspect of their maintenance, to drive uptime and reduce overhead.

SRM Sentinel Manages PM for You

SRM Sentinel is Decisiv’s managed care application. With every asset you add to the SRM Platform, if you are using SRM Sentinel, you can automate preventative maintenance and record-keeping. SRM Sentinel removes the risk, high labor cost, and growth challenges associated with managing preventative maintenance for fleets who rely on spreadsheets, whiteboards, and extensive administrative time. Now you can let Decisiv be your alert system and filing cabinet.

With Decisiv SRM Sentinel You Can

  • Track, communicate about, and manage your fleet’s maintenance, warranty, and repair work.
  • Set up maintenance schedules based on an asset’s mileage, engine hours, or number of days since last service. After that, SRM Sentinel does the schedule tracking for you, including issuing alerts when maintenance is coming due.
  • Rely on SRM Sentinel for other alerts, including expiring warranties, active recalls, campaigns, and recent faults…so you can be sure all diagnostic and repair work is completed each time an asset enters a shop.
  • Easily submit appointments and service requests to your own shops or across your vendor network.
  • Get meter data updates for connected vehicles through OEM partnerships and/or telematics integration, including mileage and engine hours.
  • Customize your alert parameters.

How to Add Assets

If you add an asset to the Decisiv SRM Platform that is already sponsored on the platform by an OEM you will either receive a discount or have no charge at all.  

For trailers and for vehicles that are not already part of a Decisiv/OEM partnership, there is a yearly subscription fee per asset that varies by asset type.

You can start simplifying your fleet service management today. To add assets to the Decisiv SRM Platform, or for more information, email

For more information about the benefits of SRM Sentinel, visit Decisiv SRM Sentinel – Decisiv.