Wallwork Truck Center

Wallwork Truck Center is seeing record financial performance and an improvement in its bottom line with Decisiv SRM and TruVideo

An industry-leading dealership providing sales, parts and service for medium- and heavy-duty trucks, Wallwork Truck Center operates seven locations across North Dakota and a parts depot in Minnesota. Today, its truck service processes include the use of the Decisiv SRM service management platform and TruVideo’s inspection video software.

Wallwork Truck Center began using Decisiv SRM four years ago as part of their Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that involves service and parts managers, and technicians, across all of the dealership’s branches. The SOP promotes simple and easy-to-understand practices for new and existing personnel and helps ensure all locations adhere to the same repair and maintenance guidelines.

At all Wallwork Truck Center shops, the Decisiv SRM platform and the TruVideo solution are used to document the truck’s condition when it comes into the yard, as well as to complete courtesy inspections and communicate repair diagnoses.

The integrated technologies link inspection videos to SRM Case, the core of Decisiv’s suite of applications that allows users to create and manage end-to-end service event workflow between multiple participants, including customers, on any computer or mobile device. TruVideo joined the expanding Decisiv SRM Ecosystem in 2021.

Record performance and an almost immediate ROI

Decisiv SRM and TruVideo are helping drive record financial performance at Wallwork Truck Center branches and improving the dealership’s bottom line. The added revenue for the company has led to an almost immediate return on investment in the service management and inspection video solutions.

“By combining TruVideo with Decisiv SRM we can reduce downtime by speeding up the process of getting trucks through our shops and keeping our technicians working, and that results in more customers wanting to have their trucks serviced and repaired at our facilities. That’s helping drive record financial performance and improving the dealership’s bottom line, and the added revenue has led to an almost immediate return on investment in the solutions. Integrating the two technologies has been a game changer.” – Brian Meier

“With the Decisiv SRM platform and TruVideo’s inspection video software we have a great tool for showing the customer exactly what we’re quoting when it comes to repairs. That makes our response time substantially quicker from the customer because they can make a business decision whether to keep that truck running or get the item fixed right away. Now that TruVideo is integrated with the Decisiv platform we have great documentation and a great way to communicate with our customers.”

Brian Meier
Corporate Service Director
Wallwork Truck Center


The integrated technologies are credited with improving shop throughput and efficiency by improving the ability to service and repair trucks in several ways:

  • Service advisors can send estimates along with videos to customers detailing any additional items in need of repair. The response time for estimate approval is substantially faster, often in five minutes or less, because they see exactly what was found and make an informed business decision about getting the items fixed.
  • SRM estimates, along with video inspections, alleviate situations with disputed repairs and estimate-invoice mismatches by accurately documenting all activity, including root cause analyses.
  • Since implementing Decisiv SRM and TruVideo, the dealership has realized a 5% increase in repair orders across its service locations. The increase in service activity keeps technicians working on trucks, reducing the amount of unbilled labor time.
  • The faster and more efficient process of moving trucks through the shop improves scheduling.
“Anytime we have an issue with either Decisiv SRM or TruVideo, the two companies are on top of it.
Our expectation is to get a response within the day, and we usually hear back within the hour.” – Brian Meier
Wallwork Truck Center customers are seeing less downtime for service and repairs due to improved communication. The dealership’s service and parts teams are able to easily communicate internally and with customers. Customers no longer need to call about the status of their trucks because notes in Decisiv SRM enable timely updates. Call volumes at the dealership are also down, improving management productivity at the shop locations.
“Our managers do a fantastic job implementing and following our SOP for service practices, and adding the Decisiv and TruVideo has helped them improve branches’ processes, workflow, and technician efficiencies dramatically. It was like putting a turbocharger on a diesel engine. It will run without the turbo, but with Decisv and TruVideo it really performs.” – Brian Meier


Wallwork Truck Center, a truck and trailer dealership providing sales, parts and service for medium- and heavy-duty Kenworth and Ford trucks, operates seven locations in North Dakota and a parts depot in Minnesota. The company was founded in 1921 when W.W. Wallwork Sr. opened Moorhead Motor Company and was renamed Wallwork Truck Center in the late 1960’s when it partnered with Kenworth. The dealership also represents several trailer manufacturers.

About Decisiv

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