W. W. Williams

Saving on all fronts with Decisiv SRM

W.W. Williams is using QuoteIT, a customized version of the SRM platform developed specifically for them, to realize an increase in service work, lower costs, and an improvement in productivity, and is providing a higher level of service to its customers.


Looking to improve the service experience it provides to its customers, W.W. Williams identified several areas to focus on:

Shrinking the service estimation process
W.W. Williams desired to provide its 20 Detroit Diesel-Allison Customer Support Centers with a tool to create “to the penny” estimates within minutes instead of hours using customer specific pricing and real-time parts availability data.

Achieving consistent pricing
Service price consistency within and between its Customer Support Centers was a goal for Williams. The availability of a tool to create fleet specific operations, labor hours and prices would also coincide with the WheelTime Network’s efforts to present a uniform service process across North America.

Adding related service operations easily
An estimating process that prompts service advisors to suggest and easily add related operations to each repair was needed. This would also foster relationships with customers that would allow for productive discussions about services, something customers would find valuable, and generate an increase in service work for Williams.

Improving technician efficiency
The ability to provide technicians with more detailed written explanations about repairs, including specific expectations about repair times for each operation was needed to drive up gains in shop efficiency.

“We’ve invested heavily in outfitting our technicians with the right tools to help them work more efficiently.

We view QuoteIT as an investment in a tool for our service advisors, one that helps them focus less on the task of compiling information from several sources and more on listening to customers and demonstrating to them that W. W. Williams is the expert source for meeting their vehicle service needs.”

Wally Williams
Operations Analyst,
W. W. Williams


“As a member of the WheelTime Network, we take our customers’ needs very seriously. We have promised to fix vehicles right the first time, keep them informed every step of the way and ensure their vehicles are back on the road quickly. QuoteIT helps us achieve every part of that WheelTime Promise.”

Wally Williams
Operations Analyst,
W. W. Williams


With QuoteIT, service advisors at Williams customer support centers are able to create consistent, accurate estimates for every customer, including related repairs, using a highly accurate parts and repair time database.

QuoteIT can enable a link between service estimates and manufacturer bulletins for each operation as a means of improving quality and reducing comebacks. Williams technicians are now provided with “service cards” generated by QuoteIT that detail specific repair operations, including expected repair times.

Decisiv also worked with Williams to integrate QuoteIT with their existing Service Tracking system and ERP solution. The integration included pulling real-time customer, vehicle, and parts data into QuoteIt, and pushing write-up details and notes into Williams’ scheduling and tracking system.


Streamlined service estimation enhances customer service
Service advisors at Williams customer support centers use pricing and real time parts data in QuoteIT to create complete and accurate estimates in 3-5 minutes compared to 1-2 hours previously. For a majority of repairs, service advisors can provide a quote to the customer within minutes of receiving a technician’s diagnosis, and obtain faster repair authorizations.

Service pricing consistency helps manage costs
Using QuoteIT between its customer support centers, Williams can present uniform pricing for specific repair and service operations. Price consistency helps the company as well as fleets and owner-operators control and manage costs.

Faster, accurate estimates lead to higher profits
QuoteIT helps provide a value added service to customers by prompting service advisors to suggest related service operations to each repair. This leads to better-maintained vehicles for customers at a lower cost, and can increase parts and service sales.

Enhancing technician efficiency improves productivity
The platform includes the inherent ability to provide technicians with detailed written explanations about repairs. Knowing repair time and process expectations up front has led to increased productivity, and an improvement in repair quality based on fewer comebacks.

Williams logo
Founded in Columbus, Ohio in 1912, W.W. Williams is one of the nation’s largest industrial distribution, repair and service companies. Operating Customer Support Centers in several states, the company represents, services and remanufactures Detroit Diesel and Mercedes-Benz diesel truck engines, Allison automatic transmissions, power generation units and transport refrigeration equipment.

W.W. Williams is also a member of the WheelTime network, which comprises more than 175 service locations across the U.S. and Canada.