Stewart & Stevenson


Decisiv is driving the success of service management practices across Stewart & Stevenson locations nationwide with highly valuable and actionable information.


Addressing challenges with a comprehensive service management platform

As a provider of parts and service for commercial asset dealers, Stewart & Stevenson was one step removed from the customer facing part of its business. As it transitioned into a full service provider of commercial vehicle maintenance and repair services for fleets, however, it became apparent that the company required a new approach for effectively managing service activity. Initially, Stewart & Stevenson implemented the Decisiv Service Relationship Management (SRM) platform to facilitate service intake processes. Its intention was to use Decisiv SRM in conjunction with a legacy Dealer Management System (DMS).

However, at the time, the service provider was using two standalone systems – SRM for service management and a DMS for back office processes. Service advisors would take customer data into both systems using separate screens. The result was a service management process that was less efficient than planned, which was reflected in both the time and expense associated with managing actives on the two systems.


A comprehensive and integrated dealer service management solution was needed to facilitate communication and coordination internally, and with customers. A key requirement as ell was to track, manage, and use data on service and repair activity on a consistent basis.

In late 2019, Stewart & Stevenson announced to its 30 service locations that the Decisiv SRM platform would be fully integrated with a new Oracle-based custom DMS being adopted company wide. The roll-out of the integrated solutions began in mid-October 2020, and all locations are on track to be up and running by early 2021.

Stewart & Stevenson is using the Decisiv powered WheelTime LINQ platform. WheelTime LINQ contains over 200 common service operations, which can be customized for each location to allow service advisors to create professional formatted estimates.

“With Decisiv we have the visibility into our service management process. We’re capturing data on turn time and dwell time and using that to make better decisions. SRM is improving our processes and adding value to our customers by enabling us to drive our business with valuable information.”

“SRM is our operating system and our DMS is the system of record. That integration may be invisible to customers, but with the combined solutions they see the result in shorter cycle times, faster response times, less downtime, easier to read and interpret estimates, and less confusion and frustration.”

Rich Rewerts
VP of On-Highway Business
Stewart & Stevenson

“We’re working to use SRM data to analyze technician performance. With the platform always front and center we have timely feedback for improving efficiency and productivity in our shops. Decisiv helps with that because it is driven by real time productivity and efficiency metrics.”

“It has been an eye opener for our personnel to see the capability of the Decisiv platform to improve uptime for our customers. Downtime is a key pain point for customers that is addressed by condensing service time, and that is where SRM provides additional value. It also helps us build relationships with customers by fostering improved communication and collaborations.”

Rick Ellender
Parts & Service Operations Manager
Stewart & Stevenson


Measuring success across service locations and improving uptime for customers

Decisiv SRM is now providing Stewart & Stevenson service locations with a streamlined customer intake process, and an estimating feature that results in faster, better detailed and more effective communications with their customers. The platform also reduces redundant and error-prone data entry. By cutting cycle time and cost out of the service process, the company is experiencing immediate buy-in and adoption of the platform.

Decisiv SRM is driving better communication with customers for estimate approvals, which shortens downtime from the time a case is created until the vehicle is ready to return to service. With a quick, well-documented method for estimating, and enhanced communication abilities, SRM drives faster quotes and approvals.

The SRM platform provides Stewart & Stevenson service locations with the ability to take wasted steps out of the process. With mostly one-shift operations that saves valuable time for both new technicians an d service advisors. Even saving a few minutes quoting parts can mean a service location doesn’t miss the cutoff of an overnight shipment order and prevents adding an entire day to the repair process.

SRM and a fully integrated DMS will lead to the elimination of estimate-invoice mismatches, a challenge that the company has identified as a pain point internally and for customers.

With readily accessible access to time-stamped information in one platform and an integration with a new DMS that is uniform across all locations, Decisiv SRM is boosting accountability for different areas of responsibility within and across Stewart & Stevenson locations. 

Stewart & Stevenson provides commercial truck repair, fleet maintenance, OEM parts, engine and transmission rebuilds, warranty support, field service, and emergency roadside assistance from 30 locations in 11 states.  A division of Kirby Corp. and a member of the WheelTime network, Stewart & Stevenson operations are authorized sales and service providers for Allison Transmissions, Detroit Diesel, MTU and Mercedes Benz engines, among others.

Stewart & Stevenson includes Florida Detroit Diesel-Allision with ten brand locations in the state, and Atlantic Detroit Diesel-Allision with five locations in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, and Connectivity. The company also operates for United Engines locations in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.