RWC Group

Decisiv SRM Discovery Status Tracker is dramatically improving service efficiency at RWC Group

Since 2021, RWC Group has been relying on Decisiv Service Relationship Management (SRM) technology at its 14 dealer locations in five states. RWC Group Service Departments use Hino Edge and Isuzu Connect service management platforms driven by Decisiv SRM.

Consistency and connectivity

In a dealer service operation the size and scope of RWC, successfully establishing and maintaining best service management practices has required a strong commitment and constant effort. These best practices include a standard operating procedure (SOP) and a process for auditing compliance based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and detailed reporting.

Two-fold value

Using the Decisiv Service Relationship Management (SRM) platform across its operation has benefited the RWC Group:

  • Workflow processes, including an integration with RWC Group’s Dealer Management System, are driving consistent service processes and ensuring data accuracy.
  • Administrative time is saved due to utilizing fewer systems. The SRM platform removes the need to switch between multiple systems to access critical information. The consolidated service management solution also provides clear accountability for who is responsible for each part of the process.
  • Communication internally and with customers is more efficient because everyone internally has access to the service information, so they can easily and proactively explain vehicle status to customers.

“Our focus on achieving and maintaining best practices is continual. We’re always talking about opportunities and areas of improvement. With a SOP and KPIs we’re able to manage and quantify how well we’re following the process and provide gap analysis to identify areas where we need improvement.”

Casey Scheirer
Director of Service
RWC Group

“Workflow and communication capabilities in Decisiv SRM are among the biggest reasons we’re gaining efficiency and improving productivity. There’s so much value in having everything about a service event in one place. We can pull up the case from anywhere at any time and know everything that’s happening from the time a vehicle comes into one of our facilities until it’s returned to the customer. It’s a full circle solution.” – Casey Scheirer


To realize ongoing improvements in their service operations, RWC Group chose to be an early adopter of SRM Discovery Status Tracker, a reporting suite that provides actionable information for managing and controlling service event workflow.

With Status Tracker, RWC Group has a better understanding of service event time based on specific use of statuses during the repair. The Status Tracker management dashboards provide RWC with immediate insight into the intervals spent on check-in, estimate creation, waiting on parts, and more, across their entire operation, between departments, locations, and timeframes, as well as within a single event.

With the actionable information in SRM Discovery Status Tracker management dashboards and reports, RWC Group is realizing measurable improvements in dwell time and efficiency across each stage of service delivery:

  • Overall cycle time for service from check-in to completion has dropped by 25% from an average of 14 days across the entire RWC Group to about 10 and a half days.
  • The ability to dive into factors impacting dwell time has resulted in a reduction of 77% less time for check-in, a six-hour difference per service event.
“Tracking status activity lets us address roadblocks in our service processes by looking at very specific pockets of time and focusing on exceptions. Knowing if a status category is out of line lets us identify the source and correct the reason faster than waiting until after the fact.”

Nick Graves
Financial Planning and Analysis Manager
RWC Group

“With Decisiv SRM and SRM Discovery Status Tracker we can be focused on change management. The ability to see in black and white what’s happening during service events leads to an approach that has great value. Having these capabilities has been our Holy Grail for some time, and now Decisiv is helping deliver the results we need.” – Casey Scheirer
About RWC Group

RWC Group, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, is a commercial truck and bus dealership that provides sales and service for Hino, Isuzu, and International trucks. The company also operates Idealease truck rental and leasing locations. RWC Group Service Departments offer a comprehensive array of services for a wide variety of trucks and equipment at 14 locations in Alaska, Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington.

About Decisiv

Decisiv SRM platform revolutionizes how the service supply chain for commercial assets communicates and collaborates. As the industry leader in service management technology, Decisiv is driving unrivaled improvement in asset performance and utilization for manufacturers, service providers and asset owners in the commercial vehicle market.

The SRM platform’s service orchestration capability that harnesses, shares and analyzes connected asset data, and intelligently enables service management, is the key to driving asset uptime and availability. Decisiv is the partner of choice for major commercial vehicle manufacturers, including Volvo, Mack, Hino, Isuzu, Peterbilt, Kenworth and Michelin, as well as their dealers and call centers, service networks and asset owners.