Papé Kenworth


Kenworth’s PSSM unlocks repair efficiency and productivity.


Papé Kenworth carefully studied and reviewed its management of service events over many years and identified key inefficiencies to address:

Shop Services

  • Poor communication within service department
  • Slow estimate creation and lack of customer authorization tracking
  • Inaccurate and hard-to-find asset histories
  • Lost work order papers
  • Lack of storage for warranty repair documents
  • Inability to provide VMRS operations coding to customers
  • Technicians wasting time waiting for parts
  • No mechanism to set technician time expectations

Lease/Rental Services

  • No scheduled maintenance system
  • No capability to forecast maintenance events
  • VMRS codes not enabled for maintenance cost tracking
  • Inaccurate VINs and unit numbers
  • Inability to track warranty of parts sold for use in assets
  • No method of reporting maintenance costs


Kenworth’s PSSM provides service, repair, and breakdown event management capabilities for service and managed care providers and their customers. The PSSM web portal—developed in partnership with Decisiv Inc. —is utilized to access PSSM. The system is used to initiate service requests and communicate estimates, approvals, and status updates during service events. Collaboration on the PSSM portal during service and repair events facilitates the exchange of in-context information, including asset service histories, warranty coverage, electronic inspection reports, and preventive maintenance needs.

Kenworth’s PSSM :
• Streamlines communications, reduces paper, and improves documentation
• Tracks workflow assignments for each event and preserves a history for each asset
• Provides quickly accessible service records for each asset across the dealer group
• Enhances productivity and efficiency through a streamlined process
• Uses VMRS codes to track operations, systems, and component costs
• Improves tracking of current preventive maintenance status

Papé Kenworth locations utilize PSSM portal for communication and estimates, with pertinent attachments added. The lease/rental operation uses the portal for maintenance scheduling and VMRS coding. The system also reports on key performance indicators (KPIs), such as gross margin analysis, by quickly incorporating repair costs from any service location.

Pape truck

“In evaluating the challenges we had in both our dealer and lease/rental service operations, we identified several key items that we wanted to address. It was unique to find a software platform that addressed each of the areas we had identified, and had the ability to integrate with our existing business system. With Kenworth’s PSSM providing the tools for a core group of people to communicate and collaborate during service events, we can save time and manage more business more effectively.”

Wes Sage
Director of Service Operations
Papé Kenworth

Pape tech

“Kenworth’s PSSM offers real-time information-sharing capability that helps keep service and repair events moving forward, increasing uptime for our customers and boosting productivity in our shops. We also receive a return on investment, as there’s a 33-minute potential time savings per work order since the system enables service writers, technicians, and parts personnel to work simultaneously on the same case from start to finish. There also is an administrative time savings of eight hours per month for estimate creation and warranty management at each of our 13 service locations.”

Wes Sage
Director of Service Operations
Papé Kenworth


Based on a company-wide average of more than 3,500 work orders monthly, and the processing of over 450 work orders in one month at its busiest location, Papé Kenworth reports:

The savings identified by Papé Kenworth are dependent on a number of unique factors related to different types of work orders (internal, customer pay and warranty). Potential time saved varies based on the customer and the work performed. For example, while no time may be saved on express services, some repair work may generate greater-than-average savings. Warranty-related cases may realize significant savings because of the streamlined collection and creation of the required documentation. Kenworth PSSM’s level of integration with Papé Kenworth’s custom business system, enabled by web services APIs for the PSSM portal, is also a factor in the time savings for each service event.

Papé Kenworth uses Kenworth’s PSSM for real-time communication and information sharing to help efficiently organize and manage customer repair events and save time.

Headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, Papé Kenworth provides new and used Kenworth trucks, lease and rental trucks, and parts and service at its 13 dealerships in Central California, Oregon, and Washington. Papé Kenworth received the 2015 Kenworth Dealer of the Year Award for the United States and Canada.