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Decisiv SRM Connector for Cummins Guidanz is streamlining repairs and accelerating trucks being returned to service

When Decisiv and Cummins launched a new integrated point of service solution—the SRM Connector for Cummins Guidanz— Papé Kenworth was already familiar with how fully connected technologies could enhance service event efficiency. As a beta test user of the integration between the Cummins Guidanz servicing technology suite and Decisiv’s SRM Case service event management application, the company had already used its capabilities for more than 25 service events.

SRM Connector makes the repair process simpler and easier

Gary Neal is the regional service manager at Papé Kenworth in charge of the implementation:

“The SRM Connector for Cummins Guidanz saves time and keeps everything more organized by linking service event cases in the Decisiv SRM platform and Cummins Guidanz. Now, when multiple people are part of the service process, from the service writer to triage and other technicians to the office staff that handles billing and warranty claims, everyone can access the case rather than having to search for it. The SRM Connector makes the entire process simpler and easier. During the pilot test there were no issues and it worked perfectly every time.”

“By eliminating the need for duplicate information entry so we’re not creating multiple cases, the value of the Decisiv SRM Connector for Cummins Guidanz is in saving time in the shop and the office. Even if it eliminates just five to ten minutes per case, the savings add up and help us shorten dwell time. By eliminating steps in the service process, it ultimately benefits our customers.”

Gary Neal
Regional Service Manager
Papé Kenworth


“Our service department is measured by dwell and triage time and with the
Decisiv SRM Connector for Cummins Guidanz we’re able to improve our efficiency. By linking information from the initial write-up to the end of the service event in one platform, the real-time integration between Decisiv and Cummins saves time, which improves our productivity and helps reduce downtime for our customers.”

Gary Neal
Regional Service Manager
Papé Kenworth

Connectivity: How it works

The integration of Cummins Guidanz in the Decisiv platform incorporates critical asset repair and diagnostic information into a service event in the SRM Case management application. It enables a seamless and consistent workflow, improving shop productivity, and provides technicians with real-time access to proven Cummins expertise delivered through SRM at the point of service. The connected solution also captures and shares key information about service work, improving data accuracy for reporting.

The integration does not require any change in how the service department at Papé Kenworth starts a service event. Once a service writer begins the job and knows it’s a Cummins related concern, the integration starts a Guidanz case in the Decisiv SRM platform. The automated process takes 30 seconds or less for the request to activate a link. Once the case is assigned to a technician for diagnosis, they can immediately access the Guidanz case by clicking on a link in SRM Case.

The integration also facilitates warranty claims and policy requests. By linking to Cummins RAPIDSERVE Web, a self-service warranty filing resource that allows certified dealers and repair locations to file claims, Papé Kenworth is able to automate the process and speed approval from Cummins on behalf of its customer.

About Papé Kenworth

Papé Kenworth, part of the Papé Group of companies, has 23 service locations in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California and Nevada. The SRM Connector for Cummins Guidanz is available on the Decisiv Marketplace.

About Decisiv

Decisiv SRM platform revolutionizes how the service supply chain for commercial assets communicates and collaborates. As the industry leader in service management technology, Decisiv is driving unrivaled improvement in asset performance and utilization for manufacturers, service providers and asset owners in the commercial vehicle market.

The SRM platform’s service orchestration capability that harnesses, shares and analyzes connected asset data, and intelligently enables service management, is the key to driving asset uptime and availability. Decisiv is the partner of choice for major commercial vehicle manufacturers, including Volvo, Mack, Hino, Isuzu, Peterbilt, Kenworth and Michelin, as well as their dealers and call centers, service networks and asset owners.

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