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Decisiv SRM Platform is Providing Measurable Savings for Oakley Transport

Decisiv SRM at Oakley

Prior to adopting the Decisiv SRM platform, Oakley Transport was handling scheduled and unscheduled service and repair events using a manual and time consuming process. Today, under the direction of Pete Nativo, Oakley Transport’s Director of Maintenance, they are using the Decisiv SRM platform for about 200 external repair orders per month as well as towing requests.


“Before we had the SRM platform, we often had to keep drivers on hold while we were talking to vendors. Now, the phone lines are open for drivers to contact our breakdown department and they don’t get frustrated being on hold for long time periods. The Decisiv platform helps us improve driver productivity and asset utilization by about 10%.”

Pete Nativo
Director of Maintenance,
Oakley Transport


“Handling maintenance and repair events is easier and more efficient with the Decisiv platform. Overall I would guess we’re spending 40-50% less time on the phone. Before using the platform, it could take 10-15 calls and hours to handle one problem.

The Decisiv platform takes all of the ‘he said, she said’ out, so everything is transparent. If one team member is unavailable, anyone can open the case and see all the information without the need to access multiple platforms or portals.”

Mike McReynolds
OTR Maintenance Manager,
Oakley Transport

SRM in action

The Decisiv SRM platform provides service, repair and breakdown event management capabilities for locating service providers and initiating service requests, and communicating during service events about estimates and approvals and status updates.

With access to vehicle telematics data, including fault codes from the Volvo Remote Diagnostics telematics platform, service history, specifications, warranty and other in-context information, decisions are made almost immediately as to whether the vehicle can be driven or needs a tow to the nearest service provider in Oakley’s network, or can return safely to the company’s shop.

Once a service or repair event is initiated, the Decisiv SRM platform serves as a means of communication and collaboration between Oakley Transport and its service providers. All estimates and approvals are handled on the platform quickly and efficiently using established rules of engagement, providing an electronic trail for verification and for eliminating estimate-invoice mismatches.

For Oakley, the Decisiv SRM platform enables a consistent process that streamlines internal and external communications, reduces paper forms and improves documentation. Workflow assignments and time/date stamped activity creates a level of transparency and accountability for internal and external teams.

Features and Benefits

The Decisiv SRM platform provides capabilities for locating service providers, initiating service requests, and communicating about estimates, approvals, and status updates, during service events.

Collaboration during service and repair events facilitates the exchange of in-context information, including asset service histories, specifications, warranty coverage, inspection reports, campaigns, recalls and preventive maintenance needs.

The Decisiv SRM platform provides:

A consistent process that eliminates the need for outside systems, streamlines internal and external communications, reduces paper forms, and improves documentation.

Workflow assignment tracking for each event creates a history that remains linked to the asset and gives all stakeholders access via the cloud to data in the platform.

Productivity and efficiency enhancements from a streamlined SRM process that greatly reduces administrative costs and helps eliminate unnecessary positions.

Increased asset utilization and driver productivity, improved PM currency, reduced regulatory fines, fewer estimate/invoice mismatches and overbillings, and higher warranty dollar recapture.

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With headquarters in Lake Wales, Florida, Oakley Transport is a liquid bulk food-grade transportation services provider with terminals and facilities in several states. The company’s fleet includes more than 500 Volvo tractors and 700 Brenner, Walker, and Polar liquid bulk food grade tank trailers.