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Kenan Transport is boosting efficiency and productivity with the ASIST Service Management Platform


With a large vehicle fleet Kenan needed to know when tractors were brought to a dealer service location for repair. While all outside maintenance and warranty work on company assets is managed centrally, the company’s main office would not always be advised of repairs in advance, especially when covered by warranty.

Process control
Kenan had a need to document repair estimates in a timely and accurate fashion or risk not being able to fully control service processes for its fleet. Without this documentation, costs could easily spiral out of control.

Service consistency
Managing large numbers of inspection, maintenance and repair transactions in various locations across the Kenan fleet’s operating area was challenging. A more consistent approach would lead to more effective service and could be customized to the fleet’s specific requirements and needs.


“In our business, knowing accurate equipment and maintenance costs is absolutely essential for making good decisions. ASIST provides up to the minute reporting that takes all the guesswork out of service and repair decisions, and means lower costs and greater vehicle efficiency and productivity.”

John Rauschl
Fleet Accounts Manager,
Kenan Advantage Group


“The more we use ASIST to communicate with dealers and service locations and make better decisions, the greater the benefits we are deriving. We would like to see all of our vendors using the Decisiv SRM platform.”

John Rauschl
Fleet Accounts Manager,
Kenan Advantage Group


Kenan Transport is now making full use of the ASIST built on Decisiv’s SRM platform. Kenan uses ASIST to capture and maintain inspection, maintenance and repair requirements, including pre-write up instructions, authorization limits and approval processes, and provide them electronically to Mack dealer service locations.

ASIST enables Kenan to build an electronic resource library that travels with its trucks. Inspections, campaigns and maintenance requirements are all communicated effectively and efficiently to dealers, regardless of location. Through ASIST, Mack dealers who repair Kenan assets create an estimate using ASIST on every vehicle that comes in for any service, before they begin working on trucks.

At Decisiv’s suggestion, Kenan developed a “Kenan Inspection” in ASIST. Now required anytime a Kenan tractor is at a dealer for service work, the Kenan Inspection is automatically loaded into the ASIST estimate every time one is opened on a Kenan truck. The inspection covers items including tires, lights, seat belts, and safety equipment.


By using ASIST to initiate service and automatically incorporate the Kenan Inspection on all its vehicles, Kenan Transport is better able to track their vehicles at a Mack dealer location. In addition, ASIST replaces a convoluted and time consuming repair approval process with a faster, more accurate and complete system.

Efficient Communications
Using ASIST to communicate accurate information consistently with dealer service writers is allowing Kenan to benefit from the ability to make effective decisions quickly, and ensure that agreed upon operations reflect the fleet’s specific requirements for inspections, maintenance and repairs. Accurate information also means a reduction in management oversight and processing time.

Lower Costs
By controlling and documenting repair and service needs with ASIST, Kenan has seen more appropriate pricing. This more accurate approach, which translates into avoiding incorrect or overcharges, is also lowering costs for the fleet.

Improved Uptime
By enabling a more timely and consistent process for repair decisions, ASIST reduces vehicle downtime for Kenan. Better utilization and greater vehicle uptime also help lower operating costs.

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Kenan Transport Company, based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, delivers a variety of petroleum and chemical products, including gasoline, jet fuel and propane, in an operating area that spans from Virginia to Florida and from Arkansas to the Atlantic coast. Kenan Transport is part of the Kenan Advantage Group, the largest independent fuels delivery carrier in North America with operations in 32 states that annually distribute approximately 260 billion gallons of petroleum products.