Fleets and Asset Managers

SRM for Fleets and Asset Managers

Reduce Operating Costs, Improve Control, and Streamline Maintenance Operations with Decisiv SRM

Keeping costs down, streamlining maintenance operations, and maintaining control over the asset service process are all critical to a fleet or asset manager.

Whether maintenance and repair is handled in-house, at a dealership, or by an independent service provider, the Decisiv SRM platform is unrivaled in its ability to connect data from diagnostics, telematics, component suppliers, manufacturers, and partners. Connecting these systems, technologies, and vehicles ensures all participants have access to critical asset and service information – in one place and at the point of service.

Fleet and asset managers connected to the Decisiv SRM platform have greater control over every aspect of the asset service management process. They’re driving uptime, reducing administrative overhead, and improving the bottom line.

Fleet Success Stories

To learn more about how we’re delivering value to fleets and asset managers, check out the success stories below.


for Fleets and Asset Managers

The Decisiv SRM family of solutions for fleets and asset managers is an integrated series of products designed to address everything from service event management, to dealer selection, to common view reporting, to seamless integration with Fleet Management Systems, to asset tracking, to automating estimates, and more.

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