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Combined Transport is managing breakdowns more productively with the Decisiv SRM ASIST platform

Efficiently and effectively manage repairs and breakdowns

Throughout the continental U.S. and Canada, the specialized equipment in the Combined Transport fleet can require repairs and other services on a daily basis, and often after hours. The ability to locate an authorized repair facility quickly, communicate with the location to request service and manage the event so the truck is back on the road as quickly as possible is essential to providing efficient, on-time service to customers.

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“The ASIST service management platform developed by Decisiv is a very effective communications and information portal. When our vehicles go into a Volvo Trucks dealer service location, a case is automatically started and a direct line of communication is established.

As much as 90 percent of the time we used to spend looking up details on a vehicle, staying on hold, leaving messages and waiting for return phone calls is eliminated, cutting down time we need to manage events.”

R. Dave Carr
Maintenance Manager,
Combined Transport

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“When one of our vehicles requires service on the road we need to know quickly where the closest and best vendors are located, and have information that’s essential to making effective decisions during the service event.

With the Decisiv-built ASIST service management platform and VAS, we have the resources to handle those situations productively, effectively, and efficiently.”

R. Dave Carr
Maintenance Manager,
Combined Transport


Combined Transport has been using ASIST, the cloud-based platform developed by Decisiv, Inc. in partnership with Volvo Trucks North America since it was introduced to the fleet by a local dealer. Integrated with ASIST is the Volvo Action Service (VAS) roadside assistance network and the National Truck & Trailer Services (NTTS) Breakdown Directory, an industry database of repair locations offering 24/7 breakdown support.

Through the online portal, Combined Transport can find vendors, request service for warranty work, preventive maintenance, or breakdowns, and communicate during a service event. Included is the ability to view service and breakdown activity using email or text messaging, and on handheld devices. ASIST places everything associated with a service event in one online folder, date and time stamped for reference. Included is vehicle and fleet information, including estimates, approvals, warranty coverage, pictures and notes, as well as preferred inspection and service procedures and negotiated parts pricing.

The exchange of information in real time throughout the service process includes documenting service or repair needs, requests and authorizations.

Saving time needed to manage breakdown event

Combined Transport is using the ASIST service management platform built by Decisiv to manage repairs and road calls across North America. In conjunction with the Volvo Action Service (VAS) roadside assistance network, the platform eliminates as much as 90 percent of the time it used to take the carrier to find an authorized facility, put a service case together and communicate with the service location while repairs are being made. This activity can take place several times each day, multiplying savings for the carrier.

Other capabilities of the service management solution that are proving valuable for Combined Transport include after hours communications. The cloud-based technology enables the fleet’s maintenance management team to access information and manage service events at any time and from anywhere, including on handheld mobile devices.

Additionally, the carrier receives emails each morning from Volvo Action Service detailing service events that occurred overnight and consolidating information the fleet’s managers need to ensure repairs are completed accurately and in a timely manner.

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Combined Transport, Inc., Central Point, Oregon, is a specialized motor carrier and a hauler of general commodities throughout the lower 48 U.S. states and Canada. The company handles oversized loads with multi-axle heavy haul trailers and its Glass Division uses a variety of specialty lowboy, step-deck, and flatbed trailers to meet customer needs.