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Clarke Power Services is cutting costs and improving cash flow with the WheelTime Customer Service Platform.


Striving to improve service to customers, Clarke Power Services needed a communications capability that would allow it to fulfill the WheelTime Promise to provide customers with quick assessments of service and repair needs.

Faster approval would come from the ability to manage service related documents in one place and share them with customers without spending management time waiting on hold for return calls, or relying on ineffective means of communication.

A streamlined communications capability during service events would ensure that repairs are completed as quickly as possible, getting customer vehicles back on the road faster and minimizing downtime.

A consistent service management process, using standardized labor times for repairs, was needed to complement efforts to improve management and shop productivity, and eliminate unapplied shop labor. This capability would also provide for uniform pricing and customer service across all of Clarke’s locations as well as the North American WheelTime network.

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“The WheelTime Customer Service Platform improves communications with customers. That speeds approval of repair orders, and enables us to save up to ten percent in support staff costs by not adding an additional six or seven personnel to meet our growth needs.”

Peter Savage
Operations Manager,
Clarke Power Services, Inc.

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“The WCSP relies on rapid communication and information sharing to more efficiently meet our fleet customers’ service needs. WCSP allows us to fulfill the WheelTime promise of an initial diagnosis within two hours of arrival, prompt notification of repair completion, a cost estimate consistent with final invoice, and a time estimate to consistently predict when the unit will be ready to go back into service.”

Peter Savage
Operations Manager,
Clarke Power Services, Inc.


Developed by Decisiv, the WheelTime Customer Service Platform (WCSP) is a web-based system that lets fleets exchange pertinent and accurate information in real time with service providers to expedite repairs and minimize downtime.

It enables communication throughout the service write-up and repair process, from documenting service needs to managing service requests and authorization, thus expediting authorizations and approvals. While using the platform, the improved communication about service events leads to less downtime. Faster repairs puts trucks back on the road, generating revenue and supporting company operations.

The result for fleets also includes lower administrative costs, from the improved ability to track and manage repair activity. WCSP incorporates all documents related to a fleet’s preferences for inspections and service, so estimates are received and approved in a more timely manner, along with more accurate invoices.


With the WheelTime Customer Service Platform (WCSP), Clarke Power Services is communicating more effectively with customers during service events, and is better able service customers with fewer personnel, saving at least up to ten percent in support staff costs, while simultaneously adding technicians to meet growth needs.

The WCSP makes all documentation related to a repair instantly available and cuts the amount of time spent on the phone or waiting for return calls. The result is faster approval of service and repairs, getting customer vehicles back on the road faster and minimizing downtime.

The streamlined communications capability of the WCSP during service events eliminates discrepancies between estimates and final invoices, speeding cash flow for Clarke, and enabling the company to more readily invest in its operation.

A major advantage of the WCSP is that Clarke can use the platform to provide consistent estimates from any of its locations, and across the entire WheelTime network. Using WheelTime labor operations data, Clarke can standardize labor hours for specific repairs across the system, making the WheelTime Network like one company, ready to meet customer service and repair needs more effectively.

Clarke Power Services

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Clarke Power Services operates 28 full service facilities serving areas in Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee, Illinois, and Mississippi. The company’s locations are staffed by over 300 certified technicians and Customer Support Representatives and equipped with diagnostic tools, service equipment and a complete inventory of genuine replacement parts and components.