Service Relationship Management (SRM) Software Platform

Improving Collaboration and Communication Across the Service Supply Chain

Managing the repair and maintenance of trucks, heavy equipment and other commercial assets is becoming increasingly complex and difficult.

But the Decisiv Service Relationship Management (SRM) platform revolutionizes how the service supply chain for commercial assets communicates and collaborates. It enables more effective service event management of commercial assets by delivering:

  • Real-time communication
  • In-context information access from key data sources
  • Access to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) from connected assets
  • Case management functionality
  • Real-time decision support and after-the-fact analytics and reporting tools

The platform connects all of the stakeholders in the service supply chain: fleets and leasing companies, dealers and service providers, contract and maintenance providers, and truck and equipment OEMs. The use of SRM software fundamentally enhances service event management.


Service Relationship Management(SRM): A Strategic Approach to Commercial Asset Maintenance. Download the Whitepaper


Decisiv Application Architecture

IaaS-PaaS Architecture Diagram-72PPI-PNG.png

Decisiv delivers its SRM software platform to leading OEMs, service networks and fleets as a highly configurable, differentiated and brandable white-label solution.

The platform as a service (PaaS) architecture is based on a modular, layered approach. It is connected via APIs that are built on RESTful web services, along with frameworks to support user interface development, customization and rapid integration development. Fully hosted within Amazon Web Services, the platform leverages the latest database technologies (PostgreSQL and Redshift) and follows industry best practices for security, scalability and uptime.

The Decisiv Network Alliance leverages the SRM software platform to ensure real-time, in-context access to key information sources. It connects telematics and diagnostic services, dealer/shop management systems, fleet maintenance applications, OEM data sources and other third-party data sources.

API access enables users to embrace modern technological capabilities without having to devote significant internal development resources. It reduces administrative costs while increasing productivity and improving relationships across the service supply chain.

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