Improve Your Managed Maintenance Workflow

Offer Better Service and Increase Customer Satisfaction

Many leasing and managed maintenance providers struggle with maximizing gross margins and customer satisfaction. Obstacles include ineffective communication, the challenges of capturing and sharing data easily and reliance on manual data entry for estimates, invoices, mileage/engine hours and other important information.

Decisiv’s Service Relationship Management (SRM) platform gives local, regional and national leasing and contract maintenance suppliers a competitive advantage by working in concert with your leasing, rental and contract management systems. Your internal shops can also streamline their operations by adopting Decisiv’s cloud-based platform.

How Using SRM Pays Off

The Decisiv platform helps managed maintenance providers focus on improving the current service event management process to:

  • Boost customer satisfaction and retention
  • Reduce substitute and rental costs
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduce administrative expenses
  • Deliver real-time customer information and data analytics
  • Employ consistent, repeatable and measurable processes and practices across your entire network 


“Using Decisiv’s Service Relationship Management platform at our own maintenance facilities, at dedicated client shops and on our mobile service units enables us to provide outsourced maintenance services using proven, consistent processes that improve asset reliability and lower TCO for fleet customers. Its actionable KPI data lets us proactively manage costs and helps our customers free up management time to focus on their core businesses. Decisiv SRM's real-time data has real value. It drives costs down so fleet maintenance can be a competitive advantage.”

– Don Kelley, Executive Vice President Sales and Operations, VehiCare


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How Leasing and Maintenance Providers Use the Platform

SRM streamlines service management for leasing companies through integration with your existing lease, rental or contract management system. Assets and their contract values are quickly loaded into the platform you use to assign service events and manage maintenance schedules.

Integration with the platforms of OEM and leading third-party telematics vendors enables the automation of data on asset usage and performance. This data can be used to trigger alerts or notifications for maintenance items and high-severity faults.

As part of creating service requests for both breakdowns and scheduled maintenance, you have access to critical information at the point of service. This includes not only information about the asset itself (network-wide service history, detailed build information, warranty status and telematics), but information about internal shops or outside vendors.

The Decisiv platform provides you and your customers with easy real-time access to status updates, as well as notifications based on the specific risk thresholds that you specify. It also streamlines the process of approving estimates and invoices, and automates checks for estimate/invoice mismatches. When the service event is completed, all the information generated, including reports on VMRS-coded repairs, is sent to your internal applications.

A powerful reporting platform is also available. This platform analyzes metrics on provider performance and cost, as well as on each asset in your fleet.


Service Relationship Management(SRM): A Strategic Approach to Commercial Asset Maintenance. Download the Whitepaper