Braun’s Express is a privately owned and operated freight company serving the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest United States. We offer a diverse package of logistics services that can be tailored to meet the specific freight shipping needs of any company, from the largest industry leaders to small independent businesses.

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Abilene Motor Express is recognized nationwide for our prompt and reliable motor freight services to destinations throughout the continental U.S. Customers appreciate Abilene’s flexibility and prompt response to their needs. They know our courteous and attentive drivers, supported by our behind-the-scenes team of experts, ensure the most professional level of services for them and their own customers.

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Combined Transport
Combined Transport, Inc. Logo

Combined Transport, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business whose roots run through 50 years of trucking in America. Our personal sales representatives, using a computerized dispatch system, work directly with your customers and shippers to give reliable and dependable service. They’ll be here over the long haul to help you move into the future.

“The ASIST service management platform developed by Decisiv is a very effective communications and information portal. When our vehicles go into a Volvo Trucks dealer service location, a case is automatically started and a direct line of communication is established. As much as 90 percent of the time we used to spend looking up details on a vehicle, staying on hold, leaving messages and waiting for return phone calls is eliminated, cutting down on time we need to manage events.

“When one of our vehicles requires service on the road we need to know quickly where the closest and best vendors are located, and have information that’s essential to making effective decisions during the service event. With the Decisiv-built ASIST service management platform and Volvo Action Service, we have the resources to handle those situations productively, effectively and efficiently.”

R. Dave Carr, Over the Road Maintenance Manager
Florida Rock & Tank Lines, Inc.
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Florida Rock & Tank Lines, Inc. has served as a premier bulk tank carrier since 1962. As an industry leader, we continue to grow in the southeastern United States, transporting petroleum and other liquid and dry bulk commodities. Florida Rock & Tank Lines, Inc. currently operates 19 terminals in addition to numerous truck domicile locations throughout the Southeast. With one of the most modern tank fleets available in the industry, Florida Rock & Tank Lines is composed of more than 400 tractors and 500 trailers.

“In our business, we’re under the gun to keep trucks moving. MVASIST provides us with an accurate, consistent and comprehensive means of unified communications with our outside service providers. With the platform, we can eliminate a lot of the time it takes to manage service events, which cuts downtime and improves vehicle availability.”

Ed Woodall, Director of Maintenance
Hill Brothers Transportation
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For nearly three decades, Hill Brothers Transportation has served customers across the country in an efficient, family-centered operation. We were founded by four brothers in 1986: Pete, Al, Pat and Jim Hill. Their goal was to provide the best service in the trucking industry through hard work, dedication and innovative truck driving technology.

“We began using the Mack ASIST platform to improve the consistency and timeliness of repairs we have done at dealer service locations. About 30 to 40 percent of our maintenance and half of our repairs are handled by Volvo Trucks dealers. While we were skeptical at first, we’ve been impressed with the communication capability of the Decisiv platform. It helps set and manage expectations so service and repairs are completed in a timely manner, reducing downtime, lowering costs and helping us achieve our on-time service promise.”

Andy Gomel, Breakdown Manager
Precision Motor Transport Group, LLC
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Since 1992, Precision Motor Transport Group, LLC (PMTG), through its wholly owned subsidiaries Bavarian Motor Transport (BMT) and Tri-Star Transport (TST), has been delivering premium automotive transport services throughout the Eastern Seaboard and interior of the United States.

“The Decisiv Service Management Platform provides us with the ability to more effectively communicate with service providers. It promotes accuracy and consistency across our network because all of the information related to a service event is accessible to everyone involved. This new integration will combine two technologies that complement each other. We readily agreed to be the pilot fleet because the integration between the Decisiv Service Management Platform and our TMT software will enhance our dedication to maintenance and to superior customer service.”

Jim Prang, Director of Maintenance