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Prime cuts costs with Decisiv’s Service Relationship Management (SRM) platform


Prime sought to address several issues by deploying advanced Service Relationship Management (SRM) solutions.

Maintenance management system integration
A collection process for information on trailer and tractor inspections, and the capability of seamlessly integrating data into the fleet’s maintenance management system, would streamline business processes and improve the value and accuracy of fleet records.

Conduct more thorough tractor and trailer inspections
The need to inspect tractors and about 300 trailers every month, required a comprehensive inspection process and the ability to collect data at the point of service.

Effectively evaluate tractors leased to owner-operators
Inspections of as many as 100 tractors turned in by dedicated owner-operators each week demanded consistent procedures to effectively charge back repairs.


Decisiv’s SRM platform eliminates the need for data entry positions, and improves productivity for managers at smaller shops who were handling those duties. There are also measurable savings from enhanced trailer reliability and reduced repair costs for tractors leased to owner-operators attributable directly to the Decisiv solution.”

Nick Forte
Fleet Maintenance Team Member,
Prime, Inc.


“Decisiv has been a very valuable partner for us. We approached them with an idea about enhancing inspections of our vehicles, and without hesitation they took that vision and made it a reality. Today, we’re benefitting from the integration of SRM, our maintenance software and the tablet PCs in our shops.”

Nick Forte
Fleet Maintenance Team Member,
Prime, Inc.


Decisiv worked with Prime to create a series of three comprehensive and interactive electronic inspections. They include: Prime Open Truck, Prime Trailer, and Prime Turn In.

Decisiv partnered with Motion Computing (now Xplore Tech) so Prime could use their wireless F5 tablet PCs to conduct the inspection. This enables inspectors to freely move around the truck or trailer during the inspection process.

The interactive nature of the inspections steps the user through each item and provides a series of possible responses from a drop down menu. The inspector selects the appropriate response, enters any notes and moves to the next task. Results are captured electronically, eliminating redundant data entry and reducing time, effort, and possible errors.

By incorporating the inspection process into the Decisiv SRM platform, the inspector can also use the features to communicate with other service personnel regarding inspection results.

At the completion of the inspection process, the results are automatically transferred to Prime’s TMT Fleet Management software. 


Decisiv’s SRM integration with Prime’s maintenance management software to implement Prime’s inspections in an interactive digital format has enabled Prime to effectively address the challenges it faced.

Capture data more accurately and quickly
Prime’s maintenance management system has reduced the need for data entry positions. At smaller shops where managers are responsible for data entry, productivity is improved.

Using the SRM platform, required repairs identified during inspection result in opening a repair order in Prime’s maintenance management software. For tractors leased to owner-operators the inspection can result in repairs charged to the lessee to bring the truck up to spec. In addition, all repair items are automatically assigned appropriate VMRS codes for complete integration with the fleet’s maintenance and repair database.

Making vehicle service more effective
The Decisiv-enabled process for gathering information on equipment using tablet PCs is streamlining the inspection of tractors and about 300 trailers every month at Prime. The ability to collect data at the point of service means finding and repairing items before they lead to costly breakdowns.

Capture data more accurately and quickly
Following inspection procedures on tablet PCs for as many as 100 tractors turned in by dedicated owner-operators each week enables Prime to bill for repairs at the end of a lease more accurately and thoroughly. The integrated solution provided by Decisiv is helping the fleet keep down costs for repairs needed to bring tractors up to spec.

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