Prevost is using Prevost.ASIST to reduce a minimum of 150 hours per month and greatly enhance customer satisfaction


Two challenges related to providing customers with repair estimates at Prevost North American Parts and Service Centers were identified:

Provide standard and consistent estimates
Prevost Parts and Service Centers needed to establish standard repair times so customers could expect consistency in billing hours for the same repair in all locations.

Improve customer satisfaction
After annual surveys of customers indicated low levels of satisfaction related to receiving estimates, Prevost determined that it needed an improved means of producing accurate and complete estimates and a better means of communicating with customers.

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“With Prevost.ASIST it can take at least ten minutes less to prepare each of the approximately 500 service estimates written each month by our North American Parts and Service Centers. The hundreds of hours we are saving with this platform are in addition to a significant reduction in management time that was spent resolving issues created by not having an accurate written service estimation platform.”

Randy Castillo
Service Network Manager,


“Prevost.ASIST is raising customer satisfaction by bringing previously separate sources of information together in way that streamlines our service estimating process. Our customers expect a high quality service experience and Prevost.ASIST is now a very important component of our ability to satisfy their needs.”

Randy Castillo
Service Network Manager,


Prevost.ASIST is used to generate about 500 service estimates each month across the North American network.

With Prevost.ASIST, the manufacturer’s Parts and Service Centers are able to create estimates for every customer vehicle. Service coordinators use the platform to develop accurate estimates, including related repairs, without requiring input from parts or shop personnel.

Prevost.ASIST enables the manufacturer to develop repair standards for its entire North American service network based on repair order and parts usage history, leading to a highly representative and accurate parts and repair time database for its vehicles, systems and components.


Prevost.ASIST is enhancing customer service at Prevost Parts and Service Centers in North America by enabling faster turnaround time through improved communication, enhanced shop efficiency, and improved consistency of service estimation and repair processes.

Consistent and accurate estimates save time
The ability of Prevost.ASIST to provide written, professional estimates in as little as three minutes is generating time savings for the manufacturer’s Parts and Service Centers. A savings of at least ten minutes for each of the 500 monthly written estimates, and the ability to produce estimates without input from parts personnel or technicians—and send it to customers for approval—is adding up to hundreds of hours of time saved.

Satisfied customers reduce management time
Prevost.ASIST leads to improved customer satisfaction by eliminating issues that previously had to be resolved after a service or repair was completed. In addition, there is a significant reduction in the amount of management time required to negotiate a settlement after a repair was performed because all work—including related items, have been approved in advance.

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Prevost, North America’s leading manufacturer of premium intercity coaches and the world-leading producer of bus shells for high-end motor home, entertainer and specialty conversion, operates Parts and Service Centers in South Plainfield, New Jersey; Jacksonville, Florida; Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas; Nashville/Whites Creek, Tennessee; Mira Loma, California, and Quebec City, Quebec.

Owned by Volvo Bus Corporation, a part of the Volvo Group, Prevost’s corporate headquarters and North American manufacturing facilities are located in Sainte-Claire, Quebec, Canada.