Service Success Process

Assess, Optimize, Execute, Review

In order to be effective, Service Relationship Management has to be about more than providing a technology solution. It’s about working with you to understand your financial and operational goals and how your key maintenance processes impact them.

Before you can improve your service event management process, it’s important to understand where you are today and where you can be by implementing the right processes and tools. Decisiv’s service management system experts work with you to develop a service management optimization plan that identifies gaps in your current process, offers process improvement recommendations, and defines success measurement strategies that drive uptime and improve asset utilization as well as reduce your total cost of ownership.

We also provide a detailed deployment schedule that maps the new strategy by using our Service Relationship Management solution to ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

And once the solution is in place, we provide quarterly reviews that let you know how you are doing.

We work closely with you, finding ways to improve your maintenance and repair process, reduce your total cost of ownership and improve your profitability. We’re not just a solutions provider. We’re a partner.

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Achieve Service Relationship Management Success