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Reducing Downtime Through Better Maintenance Management

Reduce Downtime With Proper Maintenance Management

Reducing downtime is at the top of every fleet manager’s list. When trucks are not available, customer service and revenue suffers, costs increase, and driver satisfaction plummets.

Reducing downtime requires improved service event management and a better preventive maintenance program. With more than 80% of a service event not related to turning a wrench, you need a system in place to eliminate this non-productive time. Plus, you need a system alerting you that it’s time to schedule a preventive maintenance inspection.

So reduce the time in the shop by better managing the process and reduce the number of breakdowns due to poorly maintained vehicles.

You reduce downtime and add to your bottom line using a system that notifies you when it’s time to bring your asset in for its preventive maintenance inspection and then cuts down on the things that slow the process down.

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