True Total Cost Visibility

To Reduce Maintenance Costs & Total Cost of Ownership

You use cost-per-mile or cost-per-hour to gauge your fleet’s maintenance efficiency. But is cost-per-mile a true indicator of how well you are doing? In reality, the asset maintenance and repair process has implications that go far beyond the repair itself. In fact, almost every area of your fleet’s operation is impacted by what goes on in your maintenance department and with your third-party service providers.

To impact the true cost of maintenance and repairs in your organization, you have to manage beyond cost-per-mile and concentrate on lowering your total vehicle maintenance costs.

When you don’t know where your vehicles are in the repair process or when repairs will be completed, they aren’t being scheduled in a timely fashion and you’ll see lower asset utilization rates, plus a bigger investment in safety stock and rental fees.

Without an automated maintenance and repair system in place, you may fail to take advantage of available warranty coverage, pay for the same repair over and over again, miss service recalls or bulletins, and forget about pending operations.

Without knowing if a repair was approved, you run the risk of invoice over-billing or increasing your administrative overhead as staff members try to sort out the estimate mismatch. Plus, poorly maintained vehicles result in increased CSA violations and fines that impact you and your drivers.

Without time-saving integrations and technology advancements to speed up the service and repair process, you not only increase the cost of manual data entry but also introduce data quality issues into reporting that impact your decision-making.

Maintenance really does impact dispatch, operations, administration and drivers. Since it impacts almost every facet of your fleet, you need to effectively manage your total cost-of-maintenance impact and not just cost-per-mile.

Service event automation using the Decisiv Service Relationship Management platform allows you to manage beyond cost-per-mile to lower your total cost of ownership and improve profitability. 
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Manage Beyond Cost-Per-Mile