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Taking Your Asset Service Management to the Next Level

The maintenance process is fraught with obstacles: knowing the status of current repairs and when they will be finished; keeping track of who said what and which repairs were actually approved; knowing whether PM schedules, pending operations and service campaigns are getting done in a timely fashion… the list goes on.

Think how much easier life would be if you put a maintenance management solution in place — one centralized location that tracks all the related maintenance and repair information on all your assets in real time. What if that one place also made day-to-day service management decisions faster and easier, and service analytics not only possible but accessible? And what if that also not only made your life easier, but put money back into the company coffers?

Decisiv’s Service Relationship Management platform takes the headaches out of your fleet maintenance management by automating the entire process from the time the asset arrives until it is ready to be picked up and put back into service — independent of where it is being serviced.

And best of all, this customizable maintenance management solution allows you to set your own standard for service and repair operations. You set maintenance schedules, inspections, VMRS-coded operations, authorization processes and levels, frequency, preferred method of notifications during service events, and more.

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