We're Pleased to Announce the Arrival of Builder 

This page will be updated as we the roll out our new operations builder to all locations. Please check back regularly for updates and contact support@decisiv.com with any issues or questions.

What is the New Builder?

The New Builder (Operation Builder) is a new application, separate from Case, for building and editing Operations and Inspections. It is used when building estimates (and exported to Repair Orders) and for managing Preventive Maintenance schedules. Operations can also be used as recommended operations at the time of case creation.

The New Builder makes it easier to keep operations and inspections up to date and allows service providers and fleets the ability to manage their own operations. With New Builder, service providers no longer need to request and wait for Decisiv support to perform lengthy operation loads. Users will be able to:

  • Build estimates more quickly
  • Map DMS (DBS) Opcodes to Operations
  • VMRS code operations and inspections
  • Import new operations codes and/or parts in bulk, with a single file upload.  We’ve created easy-to-use CSV templates that work with most major DBS providers
  • Access and use more a user-friendly interface for managing operations and inspections

   Roll out process:

  • Access to the legacy Builder has been shut down. However, all the existing operations will continue to be accessible when creating estimates
  • Existing Operations and Inspections will be stored in the New Builder and continue to work as usual
  • Service providers will be migrated to the new Builder gradually. We will notify each service provider with a specific timeline
  • We will be sending emails to our registered users informing of the date when their location will be migrated

What should I expect after I’m migrated?

AddOpp1 2.png

  • When creating estimates, Operations will be pulled from the New Builder tab.
  • During this transition period, users will retain the ability to use their current method of using operations. This will be visible to users as a second tab on the operation search screen. We will phase out this tab as users become comfortable with the new and improved Builder.      
  • You will be able to access the New Builder application for this location.
  • Please Note: Only users with Administrative permissions will be granted access to Builder. Please contact your locations administrator for Builder access.

As always, please contact support@decisiv.com with questions or concerns. We're here to help.